Chona’s Delight and Carlo’s Delight from Tea House

Anybody who is from Baguio has had one birthday cake from Tea House.  Also, out of the 10 Christmas handaans a Baguio resident attends, there’s at least 3 appearances of the classic Tea House Pancit or Palabok, 1 appearance of their chicken lollipop and at least 2 appearances of one of their cakes. Tea House has become a Baguio institution. ” Handaan” has become synonymous to Tea House. So just imagine the size of the production- and the amount of cake trimmings everytime they make cakes! Well, I’m not really sure if these are cake trimmings – but they sure are yummy globs of cake in a plastic “jar”.  

Baguio desserts

Chona’s Delight and Carlo’s Delight from Tea House

They’re not as pretty as this

Red Velvet Cake in a Glass Jar (photo from

Red Velvet Cake in a Glass Jar
(photo from

Or theeese:

More cakes in glass jars

More cakes in glass jars (photo from etsy)

But they’re a real delight! Carlo’s Delight is the familiar caramel/ yema taste that Baguio folks are used to. It’s a pretty simple cake. Fluffy sponge cake bits + lots of creamy caramel stuffed in a jar- tadaaa! And no one ever goes wrong with caramel (or bacon. :) ) Well, actually they’re not fluffy anymore because the cake is siksik inside.

Carlo's Delight from Tea House

Carlo’s Delight from Tea House

If you’re looking for new and exciting textures and flavors- this ain’t it. I reckon the popularity of this Tea House delight is the Filipino’s love for anything that’s creamy caramel! Chona’s Delight had a nice hint of bitter on the first bite. It’s a great balance to the sweet chocolate cake and even sweeter filling.

Chona's Delight from Tea House

Chona’s Delight from Tea House

They’re best eaten chilled- and inside the comforts of your room- alone- away from anyone who would attempt to sink a spoon into your sinful indulgence. Haha! I think they also make a great picnic dessert. You don’t have to worry about carefully transporting a pretty cake to your destination. All in all, it’s a great way to enjoy a Baguio favorite. They’re handy, they’re yummy and they’re okay priced at 120- 130 a jar – if you share and split the cost, that is. Considering what I think they’re made of (cake trimmings), 120 a jar might be a bit pricey. Nevertheless, cool concept and great tasting. But any kind of leftover cake, stuffed in a jar and added with some some sort of icing or filling, will probably do the same for your taste buds.

Tea House is located right in the heart of Baguio City- it’s along Session Road, a few steps away from Footstep. Hehe. Cant’ miss it.  

Opera Cake: Best Cake in the World

When I wrote about L’ami in May, I mentioned that the Opera Cake was the best cake in the world. Well, unless you don’t like chocolate. In that case, I pity you. :) (** Just to be clear. The Opera Cake, when done right- is the best cake in the world. I came back for their Opera cake and it wasn’t quite the same as the first visit. It had the consistency of a Chubby Choco Chewy Candy — this according to my 8 year old niece. She was also with me the first time we tried Opera Cake in L’ami. So just to set the expectations- you may or may not have the same Opera cake as I had the first time I had it here.)

Well,the best cake in the world has found itself to Baguio! Thank you, L’ami Frenchy for granting my wish.  This cake was just made available last week. Dreams do come true! ;)

Opera Cake. Bow down, mortals!

Opera Cake. Bow down, mortals!

Opera cake is a French creation. No wonder why Aklay said it was the best cake in the world when I first tried this cake at his buffet in Sagada! Haha. If I had to come up with a list of THE top dessert in Baguio- this would be it!

It’s made up of layers of almond sponge cake, ganache, buttercream, chocolate glaze. And somewhere there, coffee is mixed in. All those layers, all those different flavours and textures – making your mouth a playground of heavenly flavours!Ah. So so good!

This cake’s production is labor intensive, ingredients are a little more expensive than your regular cake- thus- the price tag.One slice is 200 pesos. That’s 1 mini roll of fluffy Red Ribbon Cake Roll. But who wants a fluffy cake roll when you can have a dense, rich, sophisticated Opera cake?

So, don’t even think about it. Follow your taste buds and head over to L’ami Frenchy right away. They’re at the old Jade Restaurant/ Bambenny  - just right after the BGH flyover.