Glyco Sweet Shop

My motto is: If you can’t bake, buy. :)

This is no exaggeration but I think 4 out 5 of my friends bake. I used to make a decent apple pie but making crust from scratch is just really tedious work. Besides, a personality test I recently took said baking is just ain’t my thang – well it said – I can’t stand routine and too detailed work (except maybe if I get paid good money for it).

I’m glad that there are a whole bunch of bakers in Baguio City. My recent find is Glyco Sweet Shop. They’re located at DPS compound – the Utility road – the turning point, where you find the CIDG office. It’s an unexpected sight in a rather unpretty part of the city.


It’s not just a pretty face, Glyco makes really good cupcakes. And this is no exaggeration because I’ve gone around the city tasting cupcakes – a lot I’ve had have overpromised and underdeliverd. Glyco’s Sweet Shop simply delivers! :)

Here’s my favorite their Green Tea Cupcake. I like the bitterness of the green tea I detect at the back of my mouth. The cake is dense, moist and mildly sweetened. No overwhelming flavors. Just a good kick of green tea in every bite.



Mac, the owner says that each recipe has been researched and developed. A lot of thought has gone into making each bite a sweet experience.

They envisioned themselves to be a place where Manila- bound travelers can get their Baguio pasalubong. After all, they’re just a stone’s throw away from the Victory Terminal. Their “star product” is the egg tart.


I love the balance of flaky, chewy and smooth in each bite. Definitely a must-try.


They also have the following. ImageImage

I am a self-proclaimed carrot cake / cupcake connoisseur! Haha. And I declare this carrot cupcake a must-try. Personally, I’d like the cream cheese to be a little more sour- but that’s just me. I like little surprises on my cupcakes. A bit of this, this and that.ImageImageI had this too! I’m not a big red velvet fan, but this one’s better than the one I had at one cupcake stand somewhere in Assumption road.

And don’t miss the dirty chocolate and mint. It’s the green one at the back with Choc Chips.

(added conclusion to the original post. I don’t like how this post seemed bitin. hehe)

In life, sometimes you just want a cupcake (or an egg tart..hehe) – and Glyco Sweet Shop is a bright spot in Baguio’s dessert scene ( Yes, Baguio has a dessert scene- watch out for my dessert post. :) ). Their cupcakes are superb- they’re R&D’d  (hehe)- that is– carefully crafted, baked with love and served with an extra serving of sweetness from their awesome staff and owners! Some make cupcakes- Glyco makes super cupcakes. Truth be told, I’ve seen cupcakes and cakes that are more visually appealing- but Glyco prides itself in what can’t be seen but tasted and felt! :) I’m looking forward to the next flavors they’re coming out with. No pressure, Glyco, no pressure :)

ImageThey also accept customized cake orders like this one:

ImageCheck out their Facebook Page here:

Alfoncito’s Place

Alfoncito’s place is one of the newest eats in Baguio City. They specialize in coffee, pastries and pasta. But for me, the best treat is how the staff treat you like family. A big part of eating out is who you’re with – and the folks at Alfoncito’s surely make you feel full with their TLC and attention.

Here’s their Christmas set-up. Not seen is a sign that says it’s a gadget-free place — which means — use every piece of decoration they have as a conversation piece. :) They’ve got lots of those.


I recommend their signature hot chocolate drink. Topped with a generous serving of whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon, it’s one awesome drink perfect for the chilly Baguio holiday climate. And thank you Alfoncito’s for refilling my whipped cream!


So for my New Year’s Resolution- I’m going to be more attentive to names. Haha. This is what I ordered. I think it’s called Barbecue Spare Ribs with Mashed Potato and Pasta. It was mostly pasta and a bit of ribs. Lately my diet has been quite the opposite – so , if you like me are looking for more protein than carbs, Canto is the place to be. But for your pasta cravings- Alfoncito’s it is! It’s a generous serving of pasta with cream sauce and is meant to be shared. I would share this with my nieces, most definitely. Very kid-friendly taste.


I went with lamon buddies Aguinaya and Vee. Vee ordered this – it’s salad and pasta topped with herbed chicken served with garlic bread. Compared to mine, it’s one very refreshing meal. I really liked the smell of the rosemary of the herbed chicken.


But wait, there’s more! That was just Vee’s pre-meal! She ordered this customized meal. She replaced the set pasta with her pasta of choice below. Very cool of Alfoncito’s to give in to Vee’s diva request. haha!


Not to be outdone, Aguinaya ordered their Pesto specialty.  I think what you’ll like about Alfoncito’s is the serving size of the pasta. While many restaurants scrimp on the pasta, Alfoncitos simply gives :). It was a little too salty for our taste buds but the herbiness of the chicken balanced it out.
ImageAnother thing that Alfoncito’s takes pride in is their pastry collection. For the holidays, they’ve made these cute treats available for orders.


I went home with bag of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies – best shared with friends with an equally big appetite for this comfort food. And in a nutshell, that’s what Alfconcito’s place is to me- comfort food (and drink) central! They’ve also got a lot of fine looking beverages on their menu. Those oatmeal shakes look yum. Definitely will get that next time.

ImageAt the time we visited, we were the only patrons there and it was a cool privilege to speak with the staff/owner of the place. They are an Italian cafe with a big heart and equally big pasta servings! :) Now you know where to go the next time you get a pasta craving.

Here’s their Facebook page for more info:

But if you’re too lazy to click: They are located at the lower ground floor ( I call it basement) of EDY building along Kisad Road, right where Starwood Hotel and the big ass Crown Legacy Hotel is at. :D

For reservations and info, call /text –  0915 785 2947