Eats here!

Hi All,

I love to eat.(Now, that’s silly. It’s like saying, I love to breathe :)) However, when I decide where to go, I always end up eating at the same place over and over again. Like most people, I often go with the familiar, with what I’m used to. Of course, that has changed over the years. Thanks to traveling and good company. 😀

So here’s a site in the world wide web to show you the very many places to eat in Baguio City. From the budget-friendly to the splurgy! I follow no standard for what is “good” . If I like it, then I say it’s good. After all , I am no pro. I will try to describe food, ambiance, etc the best way my word bank can. So, feel free and write your own reviews or share your experience on the comment box.




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