Red Station (Another Korean Resto in B-city)

I must say, Baguio’s restaurant landscape has changed dramatically over the years, especially with the influx of Korean English learners and even families now. I guess it’s a win win situation. They’ve provided countless numbers of Baguio (and non Baguio) residents a job, whether, permanent or temporary and we’ve given them a cheap place to live and study English.

One of the best things this influx has brought is Korean food. In Baguio City alone, a very conservative estimate of Korean establishments would be well over a hundred –groceries, schools, restaurants, travel agencies, etc. So let’s deal with one more Korean resto here.

Red something something (I promise to check out the proper name when I get the chance) is located along Legarda Road, right where 18BC, Cactus Bar, Mr. Chicken and Giligan’s island is at.

My friends and I ordered a group combo meal which included a pancake like egg something with green grass like veggies inside, a super watered down version of the Philippine lugaw—(seriously it looked like what dish water looks like when you rinse rice off the plates) and assorted sea food and chicken in BBQ sauce. I have no idea what the proper name is. Had I known I was going to put up this blog, I would’ve paid more attention and snapped pictures. The main dish was spicy and barbeque-ey, with about 3 pieces of shrimp, mostly chicken, squid and small octopus tentacles ( I think that’s what it is). Due to my low tolerance for spicy, I think I may have spent more time on my nose than on the food. But thanks to the complimentary Pepsi, I managed to survive the night.

We went on a Friday night and saw a Friday crowd. Place was almost full. Crowd noisily chatting the night away and it was almost 10 pm then. Not a place I would like to stay because we sat on stools not chairs with proper back rests. We didn’t stay for long so my back didn’t take that much beating. :P. Looks like a fun place for the young Korean crowd not really for chill and laid back people (at that time) like me.


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