That Korean Resto above Forest Inn

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My friends and I initially had wanted to go to Chaya that night but the obnoxious elderly Japanese man came along.

First resto we went into was Mr. Chicken. we went thru the menu and tadaa! It’s all chicken. All 8 menu entries were all chicken. Good thing the folks in Mr. Chicken were kind to point us to that Korean Resto above Forest Inn, still along Legarda Road.

Everyone said hi when we walked in. After all, we were the only ones there. The resto’s layout reminded me of a college cafeteria, lotsa seats and a big screen right in front.

We started ordering, although I forgot what their names were, I remembered we spent 1700 pesos. Haha. All for the three of us. We ordered, “black pancit”, semgyapsal (that bacon-like pork you cook yourself), sweet and sour shrimp and garlic shrimp. But wait, there’s more, they threw in complimentary soup too! We decided not to order rice for obvious reasons.

Now the food review, the black pancit was saucy, squidy and filling. The  pork was , well, predictable. It was nice to eat with the complimentary grass-like onion flavored side dish. It was the shrimp dishes that was a bit of disappointment. Too much shrimp is bad. Cornstarch coated shrimp swimming in sweet and sour sauce is worse. It looked nice. It was supposed to be garlicky but I did not taste garlicky at all. The other shrimp dish looked and tasted the same, only with better presentation. The fruits on top gave it an elegant look, but average taste. Soup was spicy and free. Can’t complain about that.

Place is great for get togethers with friends, prerably four or more so you can split the bill nicely. For three people and 4+1 dishes. It was a bit too much and too pricey for me. Two of us split with the left overs, so I guess it’s all good.

So there, big group, 1000+ budget? This place is for you.


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