Forest House

Forest House along Loakan Road always strikes me as an expensive place to eat. After being named as one of the best restaurants in the Philippines, by the Philippine Tatler magazine, I figured the only way I could come back to this place is if someone buys me a meal. Yes, the first time I was here was a party. We were so cool, we had the place to ourselves and sent everyone else away.

I came back less cool this time. My friends were already enjoying their 50 pesos for refillable coffee when I arrived and finished munching on an exotically named munchie  Next up was roti with curry dip. The curry dip was more gingery than curry and we dipped our roti in the first munchie leftover because we’re cool like that. I ordered hot chocolate, which they served in a glass mug (?), which is always odd to me. Nothing spectacular about my drink. It was just after all, instant chocolate drink in a fancy cup for 85 pesos.

Then we ordered tiramisu and oreo cheesecake. The tiramisu was a disappoinment, I described it as a cake that you’d easily get from Dane’s no frills bakeshop, A said it was pasty, X, was just plain disappointed. It had a macapuno/coconutty after taste, which wasn’t entirely bad, but was just unusual. Good thing I liked my cheesecake. It was well worth my 90 pesos, I think.

All in all, 3 refillable coffees, 1 hot chocolate, 2 middle-eastern inspired munchies and 2 slices of cake, we paid 803 pesos. About the same we’d spend if we went to our usual Picarre hangout.

I like places like this– cozy, not a student hangout (which is so hard to find in a college town) and quiet. So if you’re looking for a place where it’s Christmas all year long, with country inspired decor and real cozy feel where you can be away from it all, go to Forest House.

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