No one forgets their first time.

In this case, as far as my memory can take me, Hodori was my first Korean restaurant. I was fortunate enough to be with Korean friends at that time who knew what to order. I’ve taken friends and family here a couple of times after that.

Hodori is along Baguio’s version of Quiapo–Mabini street, just across the GP arcade/Adlaine bakery, above Olympian bowling lanes, between Tiong San Mabini and Country Mart. Haha. If you still get lost amid my fantastic description of its location, I’d be very disappointed at myself.

In my most recent Hodori adventure, I, being the Hodori veteran, ordered spicy porkchop and kimbab. We also had the Korean coleslaw and sashimi. We under-ordered this time but were filled just the same. The pork chop (~220) was mostly sahog that we had to dig around for pork. We ate kimbab (~140) with the pork to kill the spice. The salad was creamy–really coleslawish, the only thing uncoleslawish were the fish roe (yes, I googled that) and the seaweed strips. The sashimi was fresh and serving size was well worth ~220 pesos. I liked how we had complimentary egg soup too.

My prices wont add up but all in all, for 4 people, we spent 680 on our meal, that’s about 170 each. A long departure from our last Korean dinner where we spent 600+ per person. I’m still not over it. Haha.

We spent the rest of the night just talking and oggling at the orders the other customers had. It would’ve been nice if the menu had pictures, especially for those unfamiliar with Korean food.

Hodori, is a nice casual place to get together with friends or family. Not really for dates as the booth like seating might be too spacious for two people. Located in the Central Business District, and being one of the most affordable Korean places to eat, it’s no surprise why I’ve never seen it empty. What I find as a bit of surprise is that I see more Filipinos than Koreans dining here.

Do surprise yourself too by ordering a random dish when you visit.

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2 thoughts on “Hodori

  1. My first time was libre of my two instructors after some event of our college sa Korean Palace along South Drive. Nakakalula ang prices for a student. Hehe. Pero it’s worth it. Wood Nymph along Military Cut-Off or that in SM are my friends kimbab go-to place too. 🙂

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