Hill Station

Hill Station is a bar and tapas restaurant in century old Casa Vallejo located on Upper Session Road, a couple of steps away from big Igorot wood carvings. Can’t miss it.

Since I started this blog, I’ve had the chance to go to Hill station twice— for dessert.

First was with my friend Ems who ordered the double dark chocolate cake and I had Apple pie. I did say one time that I was on a mission to find the best Apple pie in Baguio City. I still have not found it but Hill Station’s ranks up there. TOSH’s last. hehe. I would’ve liked the pie better if it were warm or piping hot. I have a firm belief that pies are best eaten when hot. Priced at 90 pesos+ (if my memory serves me right), the pie did not fail to fill me. The double chocolate cake was moist and sufficiently sweet with some bitter undertones. It was excellent!Total damage was a little under 300 pesos. I ordered organic jasmine tea while Ems had water.

Second time, my friend, En had the chocolate cake while I had creme brulee–a fancy name to what Filipinos would identify as leche flan. My favorite part was cracking thee caramelized sugar on top of this fancy custard dessert. The real sweet dessert was contrasted by several sips of Jasmin tea nicely served in an iron-wrought kettle of sorts.  All in all total damage was about 320 pesos.

Next on my to order list are their Cambodian/Vietnamese dishes all priced 250-400— at least that’s what it said on their weekly special’s menu.

What I like about this place apart from the old Baguio feel are the really nice and courteous waiters who were very attentive to our needs. A waiter even pulled a chair for our bags. Quite a nice gesture not often seen in many restaurants.

So when you want to get away from SM’s crowded restaurants and be treated like real guests, check out Hill Station.

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