Chay-again ( The Return to Chaya )

Third time’s a charm, that’s what they said.

Treated a friend for a birthday because I”m cool like that.

First, we had the Chicken Teriyaki salad. La la loved it. Ingredients were fresh, you can tell by how crunchy they were and the dressing was the bomb! I loved how its tangy-ness complimented the teriyaki chicken. Serving’s good for 2 people.

Next was the yakisoba, which was a bestseller, I was told. Nothing real special about it, it was a slightly upscale version of the humble pancit canton.

And the dumplings, which I forgot the official name for. Took them forever to serve this, we were more than halfway with the salad and yakisoba when it came. The burnt bottoms that gave it a slightly bitter taste didn’t do the dumplings any good.

All in all, total damages was about 700 pesos. We went on a Friday so the place was packed and much livelier than the last time I was there. Crowd was a good mix of yuppies, oldies and Korean students.

If it doesn’t work out for you the first and second time, Chay-again another time. 😀

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