Citylight Hotel

Citylight is located on General Luna Road, across the Lutheran church.

Learning from a friend, I asked the waitress what their best-seller is. Thus, I ordered pesto. Pretty good schtuff. It was too cheesy though but I liked how mildly spicy the sausage was and how it all worked out.  Still a little pricey for 120 pesos though. My hipag ordered the clubhouse sandwich. What a disappointment. First, the menu said they use wheat bread — they didn’t, it even looked like they halved a loaf of bread–bread was uber thin. Nag -Gardenia naman sana sila kung walang wheat bread. Second, the potato chips weren’t crispy. I told the waitress this and she said they can refry it. Whatevs. We were already hungry. Third, there was nothing special with their clubhouse, ham’s too red, you know it’s the cheap kind. Fourth, price. 100+ plus for a pathetic sandwich topped with pathetic potato chips is just a waste of money.

On the upside, I loved the wide open outdoor dining space and the free wifi connection. Citylight’s just been rebuilt and is now bigger, wider and prettier, more modern looking.

First impressions last, I hope resto or bar managers always remember that. It sure is hard to please everyone but it doesn’t hurt to give your best shot, right? 

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