50’s Diner

A popular place for locals and visitors alike, 50’s diner has yet to disappoint me. Located at 92 Upper General Luna Road, Corner Brent Road, this place is sufficiently far from the heart of the city but is super accessible from Session Road.

On the menu, expect the usual Diner fare– burgers, shakes, etc — nothing priced over 300. The 50’s burger that comes with fries is 85, I think. An ice cream shake is for 80 or so. Pretty affordable and the serving size is huge–esp their famous clubhouse sandwich.

On this particular visit, I had the “Gangsta, Gangsta” combo rice meal for 180 130 pesos. There’s fried chicken, grilled pork (and it’s not the pathetically thinly sliced pork!), 2 pieces of lumpia , highland veggies and tadaa- sunny side up egg (what else can be sunny sided up anyway). I deliberately did not eat all my rice to avoid feeling too full right away. Still, I felt full half way thru my meal. The chili burger was good too, although I didn’t try it. I trust my friend’s taste. Total damage was  350 or so — drinks included.

Always a good place to eat, plus — the staff are nice and friendly. In fact, the resto owner buses the tables himself. Good for big groups, small groups, but probably not for dates, unless you head outside where it’s quieter, but still, seeing the long queue waiting to be seated puts the pressure on you guys leaving ASAP.

So there you go, on your next 50s visit, make sure to go there hungry and order Gangsta Gangsta.

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