Cafe Will -do!

For me to give a thumbs up to an eating place, all that it has to do is give bang for my buck. And I have very simple criteria — food tastes good (fresh, etc) and serving size is good. Everything else comes second and third, fourth, etc. 🙂

Cafe Will, located at #11 M.H del Pilar Legarda, just beside  Himaya Spa (there you go Himaya, shameless plug for you) does just that.

I came alone at lunch the first time and ordered fish and chips –best in Baguio, I must say. Serving size was well worth the price, which was somewhere between 120 to 180. It would be good for 2-3 people, if they’re shy around each other, but I, say with pride, ate all of it. 😀

Second time was after getting scrubbed and massaged at the next door spa — Saturday night this time, with a Saturday crowd — an eclectic mix of Korean students, local university students, middle aged men and workers who just got paid (we went on the 30th).  We had chicken galantia and loved every bite of it. And of course, since it was the weekend, acoustic music filled the ultra spacious old house turned into a resto. They can probably sit a hundred or more at a time but still look cozy and un-cafeteria-ish. Total damage together with drinks is a little under 500 for 2 people. If you’re not a big rice eater, the dish is good to go on its own since its served with veggies anywho.

Cafe Will is a great casual dining place for anyone — big group, small group, dates,etc. Parking is available and it is located on the quieter side of Legarda Road. They serve Filipino, Asian (I saw green curry :)) , Italian , American food. So if anyone invites you for a meal at Cafe Will, say you will , say you will.

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