Chef’s Home Special Roti and Sambal – A taste of heaven and hell

Chef’s Home doesn’t only give you a taste of Asia but also a taste of heaven and yes, hell!

My second visit to this charming resto in a very humble and unassuming location got me a little adventurous with my order.

<UPDATE!! Chef’s home has found a new home– check my newest post here — 2nd UPDATE!!!!! They’re back to where they were! . >

I went for the spicy squid sambal. I was given enough warning about its spiciness but no one could stop me from being adventurous. After revealing to my friend that I’ve never eaten balut my entire life, I needed to do something to show just how adventurous I am. And adventure I got. Gastronomic, that is.

Spicy Squid Sambal

It was the spiciest dish I’ve had my entire life. Spicy and hot doesn’t do it. Hellish. Hella hot. I tried eating it with cucumber and tomato to “hose down” the fire in my mouth. It did and then I ran out of it. Having the spicy Nasi Goreng together with it, doesn’t help either. I will forever be a wuss for spicy food. Seeing my “struggle” from the kitchen, Chef Alvin rescued me with a glass of hot water. Spice=oil. Therefore, drinking a cold beverage won’t wash away the spice.(spice word count 5).

Braised Pork

We also had braised pork, thankfully. Otherwise, I would have to eat the Nasi Goreng by itself, which wouldn’t be bad, come to think about it. Pork was tender and seasoned just right. ( Note to self — try to write a description of food immediately after eating. Doing it 2 weeks late is bad).

Nasi Goreng

We were offered dessert but we declined initially till I saw the next table with a pile of heavenly looking eats on their plate. And so we did. It’s called Chef’s Home Roti Special or Special Roti. What it is is roti flakes on the base topped with peaches and 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream sprinkled with sesame seeds. Now who would’ve known you can put sesame seed on ice cream! Needless to say, it was the most heavenly dessert I’ve had in years. I loved how each element complimented each other. The crunchy roti flakes and the succulent peach slices and the ice cream were  just oh so good together! From hell, my tongue savored every moment in heaven. Thank goodness, it’s bit pricey, otherwise, I would have had this everyday. 🙂 At spoonful of heaven is worth every two hundred and fifty pesos that we paid for it.

Total damage of 2 Nasing Goreng, Spicy Squid Sambal, Roti Special and 2 canned drinks is 750+.

Will I be back? Definitely. Who wouldn’t when you’ve had a taste of heaven?


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