Te Quiero, with love :)

I walked an impressive distance to get here. From Camp Allen, I headed to Engineer’s Hill by foot. Yep, that’s from one mountain top to another.

Te Quiero Tapas Bar and Restaurant

I was on a mission to find Canto Bogchi Joint and try their fabled rib eye steak. Needless to say, I couldn’t find it. Too tired and very much unimpressed with the two other restos I entered, I was drawn to this hip looking, Spanish sounding resto, in between the Victory terminal and Microtel.

The modern interiors. Marble tables, hardwood floors and leathery seats

Te Quiero Tapas Bar and Restaurant offers Spanish cuisine and a wide array of Wines. For lunch, I decided to go for Grilled Pork with mashed potato and some greens on the side. To be honest, I was getting ready to be disappointed. Most the time, when I get too excited about a new place, I end up very very disappointed. The only disappointing thing was the bread slices they served. I have very high standards for dinner rolls and for bread in general. Being served a slice of loaf bread and butter , I thought was a precedent of things to come. Thankfully, it wasn’t. I can forgive them for the bread. 🙂

Poor man's bread 😀

It was’t too long before I got my order. (Well, it helped that there were only two occupied tables). The first thing I tasted on my plate was the mashed potato. I was impressed. It was nothing like the mashed potatoes I’ve had in KFC 🙂 . Te Quiero is one of the flew places in Baguio that gives you the option of rice or potato. The mashed potato was perfectly moist (?) and I loved the basil undertones too.

Grilled pork looked and tasted gorgeous. Unlike some pork I’ve tried, theirs isn’t and dry and marinated in the typical mix of soy and stuff. This one’s the real deal. 🙂 . Reminded me of the good ole’ meals I’ve had in Log Cabin in Sagada. It’s all about the right spices. And this one was spiced just right. Rosemary, basil and some orange looking powdery substance. ( I tell you I struggle with these descriptions).

Grilled pork with mashed potato and greens

I left full, and 308 pesos lighter. 🙂 . Next time, I’d like to try the Wagyu steak and some of their more Spanish looking items in their menu. And next time, I’d sit closer to the Victory side so I can get free wifi off the buses. 😀


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