Mother’s Garden in the Sky

My newly installed braces were just days old and this totally ruined the joy of eating for a couple of weeks. Therefore, I don’t have much to say about the food but a lot about the place.

Mother’s Garden Restaurant is located in Fairview, Quezon Hill  well, somewhere in between. Their FB page doesn’t even say where their exact location is. If you know where Phases School is, this shouldn’t be hard to find.

It’s a restaurant specializing in organic food — not vegetarian, but organic. They grow their own herbs and such and I even saw semi-free range pig in the area. ( Not as free range as the pigs in Lubuagan, Kalinga though :)). The menu choices were quite limited. I wanted to order salad but chewing was difficult for me that time so I opted for the easier to chew hamburger. Excellent food choice for an organic resto, eh? :D. I was quite disappointed when I saw my order. First,the bun they used looked no different from the buns used in burger joints found in every city corner. I’m a huge bread critic. I know my bread. And for a place as pretty as this is, their bun was just out of place. Even their fries looked like the pre-packaged ones. Fried camote fries would’ve been a better complement to my burger, I think. So yeah, total damage was 150 for burger and fries. I just had service water. I was on a budget.


Now for the place– if you want to impress a date with your driving/hiking skills, excellent taste in beautiful places to eat and organic eating behavior. This is the place!

The arch leafy entrance gave a quick preview of  one of the prettiest restaurants in the city.


As I walked in, this was the first thing I saw and then I  sat myself in the midst of this pretty herb garden.



They also have huge play area that I wish I had checked out.


Just when I was getting comfy on my seat surrounded by herbs, the waitress suggested that I check out more seats at the Panoramic Cafe on the 2nd floor. I was obedient and followed her.


Indeed, it had a panoramic view. A panoramic view of urban sprawl, that is. Hehe. But I could just imagine the view at night — you’ll feel you’re in the sky, surrounded by stars. Thus, Mother’s Garden in the Sky ;).


And here’s a closer view of artsy objects displayed at the 2nd floor.


Apart from eat, visitors are also encouraged/invited to check out the garden. It would cost me an extra 50 bucks to tour it. Again, I was on a budget, so I passed ;). I thought 150 I paid for my burger covered it. Di pa pala. Kainis.


More “Secret Garden-ish” seating



The steep road that leads to Mother’s Garden and the crossing electric cables.


View of urban sprawl from the entrance.


I wish they had more pastries on their menu. That day, all they had was fruit parfait or something.

Average cost of meal on the menu is 180.

I’d definitely come back to try their organic salads. I’ll do this when I can chew better. For now, the visual overshadows the gastronomic experience.

Oh, did I mention the steep inclines? Kuh-rayzee! Walking up this road felt like I was climbing a wall! 😀 Thus, the show-off your driving/hiking skills comment. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Garden in the Sky

    • aw, my reply’s probably late…but to get here, take quezon hill first road — then take a right at the waiting shed, take the road going down and follow the signs :)…or ask around when all else fails 🙂

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