Canto Bogchi Joint

Canto Bogchi Joint is just where it says it is. It’s at the kanto. If you know where the Engineer’s Hill Talipapa is, then you won’t get lost. Look for 7-11 and Canto Bogchi Joint is right across 7-11’s entrance. Ewan na lang kung mawala ka pa. Maliit lang ang talipapa. Hehe.

It was a surprise to learn that they’ve been around for 4 years. I’ve always passed this way but never ever took notice of them. And on my first attempt to visit, I actually missed Canto since their sign was so tiny. I ended up going to Te Quiero. Remember guys, a business without a sign is a sign of no business.

Canto is a tiny eating place that’s big on being sulit. Check out their menu and the affordable prices!

So I tried their fabled Lomo Ribs for 150 Pesos. Here goes the review. It is what they say it is, a generous serving of BBQ ribs. So tender that the meat easily fall off the uhm—ribs. Seasoned just right with their own BBQ recipe and complemented by their Caesar(?) salad. The ribs were sulit. No question about that. I just wish they weren’t too stingy on the salad. I mean like seriously. We’re in Baguio. Thus,  restos should never.ever. scrimp on the gulay. Or perhaps, it was too good to have very little of.

Their salad , made up of (what I can name) Lettuce, cucumber, carrots, strawberries ,  strawberry slices and peanut brittle was really good that I had to ask for an extra order. Also, the menu says mashed potatoes, but that’s only served in the weekend. I don’t get it. It’s not like Baguio has a shortage of potatoes. So, one time I went on a weekend and voila — they ran out of mashed potatoes. And it was only 7ish PM. Who runs out of mashed potatoes at prime time? I ordered fries instead, I swear they weigh it like Jollibee does. 🙂 . Picture shows my order on my first visit.

But back to the ribs. Yes, ribs. Tender, juicy and spiced just right. Well, a little too sweet for my taste, but overall, worth the 150 I paid for.

I ordered their very mildly flavored gulaman. Priced at 10 pesos, I got my money’s worth.

While waiting for my order, I enjoyed flipping through a photography book and looking at the framed photos on the wall. They also have a tic-tac-toe board game you can play by yourself 🙂 or whoever your dining companion is. Outside, you’ll see their loyal hipster customer-skaters and an awesome view of the Engineer’s Hill talipapa. 🙂

All in all, it was a pleasant experience. Anywhere that takes me away from the usual is always a welcome treat.

On your next eat out, do step out of your comfort zone (read–Session Road/SM). Spread your money. Help local economy! :). Eat local.

PS. They only seat 10  max. So probably not a good venue for binyagan, or birthdays. Unless you only have 9 friends.

Aaaand here’s their FB link.


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