Don Henrico’s

Don Henrico’s in Baguio is found in two locations. 1- at the original Session Road location and 2- at SM City Baguio. Just like Jack’s and Good Taste, it’s a Baguio institution. Everyone should know at least one location, Session Road, being the most popular and oldest.

This marks my first visit to Don Henrico’s Session Road after a loooong time. The entire ground floor strip of Puso ng Baguio was renovated and was closed for some time. A few months later, like a butterfly from a cocoon, the new Don Henrico’s surfaced–looking every bit like a fast food joint :).

I remember on one of my last visits at the old DonHen (as we Baguio folks would call it), I wrote on the feedback  card that the place looked the same as it did when I was in the 5th grade and that they needed to improve it. I feel like they did the renovation for me 🙂

So, does the new look bring with it the old favorites Baguio folks love? Sure did, but it also came with a price!

Ceiling was set much higher, seating capacity quadrupled er— multiplied! haha. Point is, old place comfortably sat 30 -40 people at at time. This time, It can probably sit 70 or 80. But the thing is, seats were so close to each other. Sure tables can slide and new configurations can be arranged, but it was a little to packed, I think. Seating reminds me of my Uni’s school cafeteria or the nearby Andok’s. Not pictured is the one loooong bench that lined the left wall. Great for big seating capacity but the usual intimate dining experience that I love is gone.

Inside the new , improved, and widened Don Henrico’s. Super major overhaul. Gone are the fake windows with fake scenery, hello to strange places and people on the wall 🙂

I love the light fixtures, the anti slip thing they put on the floor and the over all spaciousness of the new Don Hen. Even the menu was new and more hip looking. Prices were made to match the changes too.

The light fixtures emitting soft lighting from a high ceiling. Love the textured walls too!

I remember when Combo #1 was forever 104Pesos or something like that and as the years progressed, the chicken schnitzel got smaller and the fries serving got bigger. This time, the schnitzel was pretty huge, pizza didn’t look tired, spaghetti was okay, sauce wasn’t watery and fries were just right. Well worth the 154 pesos price tag.

Combo #1. Chicken Schnitzel with Fries and Spaghetti and Pizza

I had the Company Combo — quarter chicken with spaghetti and garlic bread and fries.

The Company something combo. Quarter chicken, fries, garlic bread and spaghetti filled my plate.

Now for dessert, which I had served before the main course. I’d like to thank a good friend of mine who showed me just how good Don Hen’s tiramisu is. Serving is huge and cake is not the spongy kind of pastry served in Forest house. It’s a bit too sweet and creamy and rich for one person–or even two persons to eat. Reminds me of huge cake servings in Banapple. For 180+ pesos, I say it’s the best tiramisu in town.

TIramisu is about 2.5 inches tall, about 4-5 inches long and 1.5-2 inches wide. Every square inch is yum! A bit too rich when eaten too quickly and without the proper drink.

All in all, I’d say Don Hen has regained most of its old glory. I remember when it was THE hippest place to eat in town — how their entrance was always crowded especially on weekends. Servings were always huge and filling and delish. I remember how an American guest of mine asked me to take him to ” Don and Rico’s ” because he was told it was the best place to eat in the city. It might not be THE best place but sure is worth going back to.

3 stars for Don Henrico’s.


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