RIP Gecko

I remember Gecko was used to be Bruno’s that used to be Swiss Made. All “locally” owned — as in– it’s not a national franchise like Starbucks or something.

Just recently, they shut their doors. No wonder they jumped into the Shawarma bandwagon during Panagbenga. Last ditch effort to earn.

So why oh why did it go out of business? I would never know. But this I know– if business were still good, they would’ve continued. So obviously, business was bad and they had to cease their operations.

But how do local eats like Don Henrico’s, Swiss Baker, Star Cafe, Volante, Rumors, 50s Diner, Good Taste, Jack’s and others manage to keep ther heads out of the water.

As a customer, I see one thing — their concept worked! Food was good, price was reasonable and so on. 50s Diner is known for their huge clubhouse and burgers and such. Taste-wise, it really isn’t that good but people get their money’s worth! Swiss Baker doesn’t pretend to be a hip place to hang out. Old folks come here all the time. Their breads are good and affordable! Don Henrico’s when they started also had huuuuge servings and people would really feel they’re getting what they paid for.

In short, Gecko was overpriced and food was just okay. In another city, they probably would’ve lasted a couple more years. But Baguio is a student-town — students don’t/ can’t shell out that much money for coffee or fancy pasta. There’s not a bajillion of yuppies in here with disposable income. This just goes back to the sad fact that– they’re just not good enough to last. Management-wise, operations-wise and other-wise. They just weren’t t that good.

And the people have spoken. People don’t go eat out or drink coffee because they want to support local economy– they eat because they’re hungry and they want to get their money’s worth.


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