Eat Avenue

Eat Avenue is a brand-spanking new neighborhood bar/resto located in the nethermost region of Baguio City– Balacbac! Yes! You got it. It’s a perfect place to wind down after you’ve descended Mt. Sto Tomas or Mt. Cabuyao. Now, who would’ve thought of putting up a bar/resto there? So there I was, braving the stormy weather, looking for food and my feet led me to the very green Eat Avenue.

The very green Eat Avenue located along Balacbac road.

The Eat Avenue Offerings

I asked for recommendations and was obedient, as usual. I ordered the Hukilau Burger and Beans and Burritos.

The Hukilau Burger was filling– it had the ground meat patty, egg, cheese, ham and beef strips ( I think). But I think for 79 pesos, it wouldn’t hurt to throw in some fries on the side. The plate looked a bit incomplete and sad without it. It was lone piece of burger on my plate. And of course, the bun — when it came, it was a bit soggy. There were  bajillion of stuff in between the buns plus the oil and such, the bread had to take the beating. But again, it’s a sidewalk stall. Can’t expect too much.

Hukilau burger and the US flag 🙂

Upclose and blurry. Pardon the resolution. I used my phone’s camera.

Bean and Burritos was a pretty good order although it had a bit of too much red “garnish” that was added when the plate was already on my table. The bitter after taste was a bit overwhelming, but not too much. I liked how filling and the serving size. For 89 pesos, hindi na masama :). This came with the raspberry juice mixed with lemonade- -a very pleasant beverage I finished off quickly (or was it the burger that came with raspberry? I forget).

Bean and Burritos under Eat Avenue’s green light 🙂

My raspberry juice drink

My niece had the only shake at the time of our visit– mango shake. It was nice and refreshing to taste– no added sugar. Gotta love em Philippine mangoes.

The seating is very alfresco — not sure where they’d sit their customers in times of stormy weather. It was already pretty windy and wet on our visit and it was a bit uncomfortable but a unique experience, nonetheless.

For a neighborhood sidewalk eatery, Eat Avenue is such a pleasant surprise! Food is priced just right and their Mexican — as the chef said– had its authentic “amoy anghit” quality. That would’ve turned me off but my adventurous spirit prevailed! It’s a perfect place for inumans and such, they have a wiiiide array of colorful drinks. Obviously, I didn’t come for this but the eats :).

On my next visit, I want to try their Igorot sandwich special! Intriguing name! I hope it’s as delicious as it’s intriguing!

3 out of 4 is my rating for Eat Avenue. Check out their FB page >>


2 thoughts on “Eat Avenue

  1. Nice blog 🙂 I was curious about your comment on Sto Tomas. I’ve been wanting to go up to shoot sunset or sunrise. Can you recommend anyone who takes people up on a jeep or something? Thanks!!!!

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