I don’t usually go to Abanao Square, but when I do, I make sure I try something new. It was Saturday and I had just finished with my radio duty and I was famished. There were a couple of restos in the building– mostly franchised and gastronomically speaking, not exciting.

So I decided to give Ahmad’s one more try.

I ordered the Tandori Chicken. I heard of Tandori before when a chef-friend of mine prepared a Middle-Eastern inspired dinner. It was the right kind of spice I was looking for. Can’t really compare it with anything I’ve had before. It was a very unique way to fry chicken. But overall, the dish was very dry. It was served with rice with side salad. In KFC, there’d be gravy all over the plate as sabaw. This was something my mouth was looking for. The rice was dry and so was the chicken.

Tandori Chicken

For take out and because I was curious, I also got the falafel. I’ve had falafel before but this particular one had a really strong, and distinct flavor to it– it tasted like I was chewing pine needles. Hehe. It wasn’t bad, but, again, unique. Anyone who’s not gastronomically open minded might not enjoy it.


For drinks, I ordered the mango-yoghurt shake which was more like diluted mango. Hehe. It was only when I was settling my damages when they told me there wasn’t any yoghurt in it. Kaya naman pala. I thought my buds failed me.

Will I be back? Hmmm, only when I have errands and have to be there. Otherwise, their fare and their service, really isn’t something I look forward to having again. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t fantastic either. I give 2 out of 4 stars. Unique, yes! But unfortunately, not something that tickled my taste buds.


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