Eat all started in Sagada

Yup. I know. Trust me. I know my geography. But I do owe Sagada a lot. If it weren’t for my one year stint in Sagada,  I would have never been adventurous and critical of food. So this post contains some of my Sagada favorites. I spent the last weekend in Sagada doing just that– eating at my favorite Sagada spots. You must trust me with my choices. It’s not like I’ve only tried it once and came up with a fantastic conclusion that they’re the best. Here we go:

(1) The Log Cabin is most famous for its Saturday Buffet prepared by French Chef, Aklay (who happens to be the former pastry chef of the Sultan of Brunei). Every Saturday, he whips up a fantastic buffet using local ingredients. He grows lavender in his backyard, picks the mushroom himself,cures the ham, etc,. On the last four or five months of my 1 year stint in Sagada, I reserved almost all of my Saturday nights for the buffet. The ambiance is lovely and unpretentious, never contrived unlike the big city restos who painstakingly try so hard to look rustic and cozy. Food is unlike any other I’ve tried. Of course some nights were better than the others, but all in all, your money WILL ALWAYS BE worth it. Presently, the buffet is priced at 390. A far cry from Aklay’s buffet at the Hill Station — which is about 900 Pesos, the last time I checked. Oh and dessert. Wow. Again, what can you expect from the former pastry chef of the Sultan of Brunei?Image


When I say food adventure, I mean it. I’ve broken a front tooth chewing on a bone one time. I’ve become a rural legend like that. 😀

They’re also open for ala carte. My favorite is the pork steak with tomato salad. At 150 pesos, it’s a really really really good deal.


You need a reservation to enjoy the Saturday Buffet. Here’s their number: 0920 520 0463. Oh, and I haven’t even talked about the staff and the gracious hosts. They’re a lovely, friendly and attentive bunch. Always a treat to eat here. Always.

(2) Masferre Country Inn and Restaurant

Home to the best sandwiches and subs not only in Sagada, but maybe even in the entire Luzon. :). No kidding. Their breads are always freshly baked, not the kind that’s all mahangin and commercial. And their fries are the tastiest I’ve ever had.  My personal favorite (and I’ve had this a bajillion times) is the tuna apple sandwich. Ingredients are always fresh although sometimes, the sandwich needs a little more saltiness to it, but of course, that might be a personal preference.


(3) The Yogurt House: You should check out the names of Sagada restos. Lemon Pie House, Pinikpikan House, Shanghai House. Haha. Anywho, On my first trip to Sagada, this was the only resto I knew and it did leave a very good impression on me so I’ve come back a bajillion times in here too. My personal favorite, which unfortunately, they stopped serving at the mo is Cheesy Pasta and Baked Chicken. My second personal favorite is the Chicken Rosti served with rice and Salad, which, if I remember right is about 220 pesos. The meals in here average 240. I loved my friend’s beef curry but my buds were just too maselan for spicy food. But it was really good. Best curry I’ve had in forever.


Here’s my chicken rosti.


Here’s my all time fave that has rested in peace 🙂


But of course, what’s a Yogurt House without the yogurt. The last time I was here, I ordered pancake and yogurt. It was only 75 pesos, so I wasn’t expecting much. Maybe 1 piece of pancake and a small bowl of yogurt. But here’s what I got — and there was even a banana inside. All for 75 pesos.


Here’s what my friend ordered. It’s granola something yogurt. I think this is about 90 pesos.Image

(4) Lemon Pie House: The name gives it away. But really, what they’re soooo good at, more than the lemon pie, is the service. Of the bajillion times I’ve been here, I’ve never ever not seen the owner/baker not come visit the customers to just say hi and make small talk. Personally, I like the Coop’s version better because of the thicker meringue, but the Lemon Pie House’s super comfy seating and gorgeous low tables makes you want to stay  and come back over and over again. One box is 180 pesos, a slice is about 20 or 25 pesos. Pair it with mountain tea or lemongrass tea, and you’re in heaven!


You’d be surprised at how many choices you have in such a small place in Sagada. Of course, the best meals can only be had at home. I have a friend who made the most gorgeous putanesca , getting ingredients from her herb garden. Also, you can try out the eateries at the Sagada Mall food court :). Chicken+Chop Suey and rice is just 89 Pesos, last time I went.

So there you go folks. This is how eat all started. Hope you get to check out these places too.


4 thoughts on “Eat all started in Sagada

  1. I didn’t really enjoy Lemon Pie House that much. Maybe there were too many guests at that time. For some reason, the pie was dry and there wasn’t much chicken in their chicken adobo, but, yeah, if ever I go back (which I hope, soon), I’ll try their food again. Maybe I’ll like it the second time around. And yes, I’ll definitely visit Log Cabin! 😀

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