The Malt Room at Le Monet in Camp John Hay

I give eatsinbaguio a pat in the back for holding up and being a big girl even if I hadn’t updated it in forever.

Thanks for all those who visited my blog and the others who have linked to this. I appreciate the attention! ūüėÄ

Now’s my turn to give my blog some TLC and attention.

I’m pretty lucky to have been invited to the Tea Party the folks at the Malt Room in Le Monet organized for event organizers, media and friends. My radio boss who has a deal with with them invited me as a blogger. Naks! That cements my autho-ra-tar as THE food blogger of Baguio City. I have awesome connections, I can’t help it. ūüėõ

So, yeah, needless to say, the food served during this event may not be the same ones you’d find on their menu. Nevertheless, it gives me a glimpse of their character and potential as a dining destination in Baguio City.

From the outside, it looks real intimidating. Just look at the light fixtures and the furniture. Very bad-ass! This is at the Le Monet lobby.


This isn’t the Malt Room just yet, but the deli/cafe.

Walk a little further in and you’re taken to another bad-ass room. Your behind gets royal treatment from these ultra-comfy seats. Tables are gorgeous too.


But I came for the food, so let’s talk about that. Here’s the buffet table at the Tea Party Event


Check out the view from the window! Awesome stuff. Anyway,my ultimate fave is their green salad. The usual, lettuce, sprouts, other leafy things I cant name, the bacon bits, olives, tomatoes were very pleasant. My favorite dressing of course, is the vinaigrette.

They had cute pica-pica offerings like this turon and tuna sandwich biscuit of sorts.



Of course, you all now how these would taste like. So let’s go to the new-ish. I had a shot of cauliflower espresso. The most interesting thing I had that afternoon. It’s like McDonalds french fries in a shot glass. It was savory and uh — liquidy. It’s like thick soup served in a shot glass. I was sent by my table to sample it. haha.

Then they showed off their molecular gastronomy skillz with this space age looking buco pandan. The white on the spoon is the buko part and the green gooey stuff underneath is the pandan part, then they add in a scoop of ice cream. Great conversation piece for any party.


They also had Pesto Pasta and Puttanesca they served during the event. Not too crazy about it either. I think when you leave pasta to warm in a chafing dish, the sauce get aborbed by the noodles and it looks dry. And it’s hard to compete with my first Puttanesca pasta experience where herbs were picked straight from the garden and the tomatoes fresh and expertly peeled. Pesto was a bit dry and boring, to be honest. I’ve had better ones in Volante and City Light.

I really loved the presentation and the overall detail they put into the buffet items. Their staff were also courteous and friendly. I even got to tour 2 Le Monet rooms! Then again, I’, special and I have connections, so don’t expect the same. Haha. Oh and apparently, theyre the only hotel in the Philippines with heated toilet bowls. Yay! I didn’t get to try it though. And it’s remote controledl everything. The trade-off? Not all rooms have AC.



So back to Le Monet and the Deli at the lobby. Be prepared to spend at least 500 when you come visit. Sure, they have coffee and drinks for Starbucks price but their menu items can be quite pricey. Prepare 2000+, if you’re ordering their specialty steaks.

Le Monet seats about a 40-50 people comfortably and so it is an ideal place for a cozy get together party. It’s an awesome venue though for get togethers with friends as they have “booth” seating for those semi-private meetings and convos. The interiors are gorgeous! Very comfy and new! Also, the view from the window is spectacular. Something you can’t quite have anywhere in Baguio.

So, there you go, the Malt Room at Le Monet in Camp John Hay. Check it out!


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