The Fireplace at Villa Cordillera

Another free meal. Feel free to hate me. ūüėÄ

So, I got 2 gift certificates worth Php 492 each and brought along some friends for a lunch-date to the Fireplace at Villa Cordillera.


The view from my Waldorf Salad

The only few times that I’ve been here was for events for the radio station I work for. Needless to say, I’ve always had free food,– from their fish and chips, to their cheeseburger and the pasta+fish combo from years ago.

On this visit, I got to try their signature dishes. I asked for a recommendation and they said Pinikpikan — but as a local I probably have Pinikpikan for dinner as often as I have adobo so I went for their Filipino dishes– Sinigang na Baboy, Crispy Pata — I forget, it was the deep fried, crispy pork and their pinakbet with bagnet.

Nothing from what I ordered was over 200. And boy oh boy when it came to our table, I was surprised at the serving size. Compared to another Filipino dish specialty restaurant that I have recently visited– Gerry’s Grill, I think, the serving size was big! The pork in the sinigang were big chunks of meat and the sabaw was a good mix of sour and a little hint of sweet! The pinakbet with bagnet was also really good — the vegetables were fresh, the eggplant, sweet! The crispy pata ( it wasnt really pata, it’s like deep fried liempo, there is a name for this, I just forgot) did not disappoint except that for 3 hungry girls, it didn’t seem to be enough. I didn’t take a picture of the main dishes because I waited a good 45 minutes for my lunch companions and got quite hungry.

However, during the wait, I did order their Waldorf Salad, which I think was 90, but definitely not over 100. Serving size was good but the taste was a little too sweet and creamy for my taste buds. My taste has evolved from enjoying everything sweet to moderation. Needless to say, I’m not crazy about sweet spaghetti or sweet meat or sweet anything for a main dish that’s not supposed to be sweet. :). Hehe.


My sweet and creamy Waldorf Salad upclose

So after our meal, we did plan to go but our bill only showed Php 580 for the three main dishes, salad and rice. I was surprised, I keep flipping the order receipt to see if everything was included. I mean for a place like that for servings that big, I was expecting at least 700. They’re priced like Emil Rose or Jacks or Good Taste with the¬†ambiance¬†of John Hay and service of Country Club! So sulit!

So anyway, I was like, 580? I have to spend all of this today! So we asked for their specialty dessert and all three of us had Banana Bread ala Mode. At Php 60 per serving, I don’t mind the long walk from the main road to get here! Seriously, Php 60 for this? I’d pay at least 100 for three thick slices of Country Club’s Banana Bread and vanilla ice cream! Ah, reminds me of that lonely slice of cinnamon loaf bread at Cafe by ther Ruins for Php40! Haha.


But wait, there’s more, even with that and my friend’s coffee (which she had refilled twice, for free!), I still had Php189 left. So apart from my entree salad, 3 main dishes, 3 servings of dessert, I even got to take home the iconic Raisin Bread! I would have 9 pesos left from my GCs, but whatever.

Villa Cordillera is a perfect place to get away from the busy cityscape and enjoy a magnificent view of towering pine trees and the Baguio Country Club golf uhРarea? Haha. Staff is attentive and courteous. Wait times are not at all too long. After all, we were the only ones there when we had lunch. Yes! Seclusion and exclusivity await you when you dine at the Fireplace in Villa Cordillera. Another must try is their Thai Iced tea! Sooo good!

So there you go, the Fireplace at Villa Cordillera 3.5 over 4. Half a point slashed for being so far from the rest of civilization, you either bring your own car or cab from where ever. Or you can walk, lovely lovely walk if youre coming from the opposite end of Outlook Drive. Or either way, it’s a lovely walk. Far, nonetheless but worth it.

Here’s their FB page,¬†


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