The Manor Buffet Breakfast

First of all, thanks everyone for checking my blog out. Just checked my stats and was pleasantly surprised to see that I get hits even if I’ve become less posty :).

Now back to the topic. John Hay Manor Buffet Breakfast. Two friends decided to celebrate their 30th here in Baguio and incidentally, the Manor had a 40% promo on their suites. Hard to resist.

So, that we did, check in and have breakfast.

Their breakfast spread was impressive. I’ve never had a buffet breakfast in a (Philippine)hotel before. Typically,I get hotel breakfasts which are not that impressive. Egg, breakfast meat, rice, juice or coffee is what you get. There are no such places as Denny’s or those big breakfast places they have in the US in here (that I know of).

They had everything from green salad to pancakes,waffles,many kinds of breads, omelettes, bacon, sausage, inihaw na pork!! yes!! Ulam! Haha. I thought that was cute. I’m not an ulam eater for breakfast but I thought it was cool having a couple of ulams there.


There was also fresh fruit, yogurt,fruit salad, etc. It was well worth the 550 our friend paid for each one of us. haha. I know, free meal, again!

It’s not gourmet breakfast. But it is a huuuuuge breakfast selection. And unlimited bacon! What’s not to like? Plus the garden view is amazing. And, yeah, free flowing fruit juice, coffee and other drinks (not sure with soda).


Taste-wise. Well, it’s breakfast. I certainly did not expect to be bowled over by a unique gastronomic experience. The waffle was kind of dry. But that’s forgivable. There’s really nothing to complain about. Service was good too. It was packed that morning but things were smooth sailing. Maybe we shouldve gotten breakfast earlier. I ran out of some of the fruits. But that’s okay. There were other items to eat.


So yeah, Manor Buffet Breakfast is worth every buck my friend spent for us. Haha. But yes, I too wouldn’t mind shelling out a Ninoy for that much food in a place so pretty.



14 thoughts on “The Manor Buffet Breakfast

  1. It is still Php 550 as of last month.. At Le Monet it went from 450 to 495 now. If not for the made to order Eggs Benedict, I would say Le Monet’s breakfast is nothing compared to Le Chef.. especially at 495…

  2. Many years ago, the bfast buffet was @ P300 Le Chef Manor. Overflowing talaga cya.. What more now @P550.. A must try this Xmas holiday..

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