The Aklay Buffet at Hill Station

So Aklay came down from the boondocks to B-city. :). This isn’t the first Buffet he’s done in Hill Station. Neither is it my first Aklay buffet. But it is the first time I had an Aklay buffet in Baguio.

I missed Faye, that’s for sure. If you don’t know who Faye is, it’s worth going to Log Cabin in Sagada for. I love him/her to bits. ūüôā

Hill Station ran an ad on the radio station I work in. ¬†I was invited by my boss to join her for this buffet event. I looove my “food blogger” label. Haha.


Here was that night’s Menu


Sausage Rolls in Puff Pastry (Homemade Smoked Sausages)
Mini Savory Croissants – Cheese, Spinach, Bacon

Norwegian Salmon ChowderSalad of Fresh Oranges, Mixed Greens, Fresh MushroomsRoast Stuffed Deboned Cochinillo
Homemade Smoked Whole Legs of Ham
Home Smoked Salmon
Gravlax (Home Cured Marinated Salmon)Seafood Paella
Three Cheese Swiss Potato and Chicken Au Gratin
Split Baguio Beans with Apples and Prunes
Chakalaka (Sausage and Pechay Stew with Spicy Sausages, a South African Dish)
Maccheroncini ala LasagneHomemade Ice Cream Cup
Chocolate and Mango Ice Cream Cake
Pear Charlotte with Strawberry Coulis

I planned my entire Saturday around it. I didn’t eat the entire day, cept for a few bites. It was well worth the hunger. :). ¬†A lot of the items were familiar Aklay buffet stuff to me except for the seafood — which is pretty hard to get in Sagada. ¬†ūüôā


My favorite was the Chakalaka. I can’t help but think Aklay made this name up. It was pinasosing pechay! I’ve always loved my greens but it will never cease to amaze me what Aklay does with pechay. I remember his pechay+ripe mango combo in Sagada. I tried to do it, but I probably shouldn’t have. Haha.

Chakalaka (Khan ūüôā )

Split Baguio beans with Apples and Prunes


Everrrrything was awesome. I loved the Paella, kept coming back for the¬†Cochinillo and ham and wish I didn’t have to hold myself back from having more¬†Chocolate and Mango Ice Cream Cake.


The star of the night. Well, my table at least. ūüôā Dessert!

The music was wonderful. Although the first solo act — he played guitar AND sang — could be better. He was a better guitarist than a singer. But hey, I was there for the food more than anything else. Hehe. I loved how some ladies jumped in to sing a couple of tunes. That was awesome.
The place was full and there was even a loooong line of tables where the MOOG expats sat. Crowd was 30-40% expat, and the rest local and tourists. This just tells you the quality of food and service this place has to offer!
But yeah, next time you hear Aklay’s coming to town, make sure to make it to his buffet. It’s not cheap but it’s so much worth it. Otherwise, you’d need to travel to Sagada.

My Messy Plate that I managed to take a photo of before I got busy.


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