Canto at Ketchup Food Community

When you leave your business to someone else, chances are, they won’t run it the way you want to. It’s a harsh reality but sometimes employees are not paid to think, they’re merely paid to work.

That being said, I won’t hold it against Canto that it took them a day and forever before someone could serve us.
We went for a late lunch with my three friends who were visiting from out of town. Immediately they appreciated the open space and the overall feel and concept of Ketchup Food Community. We took our seats, took a couple of pictures and hoped to be served. From where we sat we can see some people inside the kitchen who seem to be having their own lunch. We made eye contact, hoped to be served, but nothing. So we waited a few more minutes, made eye contact again and gestured to be served. Someone finally went out and handed us the menu. He didn’t look too enthusiastic to have us. Thank goodness we were for the ribs and not for the service. Otherwise, we would’ve left. We didn’t feel welcome but we sure felt hungry!

They serve ribs, salad, pasta, burgers

They serve ribs, salad, pasta, burgers

I’ve been eating in Canto since it was just this small space in Engineer’s Hill. Back then, they could only seat 10 and you can even watch your meal being prepared. It was a more “intimate” dining experience, so to speak. They didn’t need as many hired hands.
It’s unfortunate that this time, that they’ve expanded, customer service seems to have diluted. But again, thankfully, I was there for the food, not just for the service. It wasn’t thaaaaat bad. I just wished they showed more enthusiasm and courtesy.
The food made up for what the customer service lacked. After we took our seats, there were two other groups who came in. We didn’t wait that long — maybe 10-15 minutes for our meal and when it finally arrived, everyone was pleased by the serving. Our Lomo rib size was big, taste was good but best one I’ve had would still be the ribs in Don Henrico’s — taste wise.  Also being a salad girl, I  wish I had more salad on my plate. I mean c’mon, veggies are pretty affordable here in Baguio. It won’t hurt to add more lettuce. My mashed potato serving could’ve been bigger too. But that’s okay, we ordered Pad Thai from Happy Tummy to take care of the carb requirement. I really think Baguio should pass an ordinance that would require all set meals to be served with some vegetable dish at some minimum amount. Lead the way to healthy eating, Baguio !

Their famous ribs

Their famous ribs. This is my friend’s plate. I had mine served with mashed potato.

Feeling generous, I paid for everyone’s meal plus a serving of Pad Thai and some funky gulaman drink — this was just about 700 Pesos total for 4 of us. So there, good food, so-so service, excellent ambiance, great value for money. Canto.

All pics are from my friend and blogger , Makulai. Check out her post —


4 thoughts on “Canto at Ketchup Food Community

  1. Hi! Lucky to have chanced through your review. We value your comments for a better customer experience. Thanks and we hope to have you dine with us again soon. Cheers! -Canto

    • Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your time to read through my feedback. You’ve got a real solid fan-base for your lomo ribs! Congrats! Will visit you again for sure!

  2. Service in Canto is reaaaaally bad! We were really offended by their bad customer care. We waited for like 20 mins before they talk to us and to have our name listed in the waiting list. tsss. I hope they can improve their service!

    • Sadly, some resto owners forget that people don’t only come for food but the entire experience. I’m sorry to hear about your experience but I’m pretty sure they appreciate the feedback and want to do better next time. 🙂

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