Cosy’s Roasterie

What’s a roasterie? It’s where you go to get your coffee beans roasted. And in this case, it’s where you get your awesome cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Cosy’ Roasterie is coffee haven for well– coffee lovers. I’m no coffee drinker, so I mainly come here for the cookies from Aguinaya’s Cloche. But they do serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate , smoothies and frappes. Lots of beverage choices in super affordable prices. Your 150 cup of coffee from Starbucks would buy you coffee, a cupcake and an awesome view. Here’s how my view looked like when I paid a visit.


My friend and I were pretty hungry when we got there and planned on going to Zio’s for dinner after. Good thing, they added rice meals to their menu. Which I think is a bit odd, cos then you’re not really sure what they are — a roasterie or a resto, a bistro? I spoke with the owner and initially he tried to sell meals to the people who lived around the area. He says they always skipped his place. I totally understand. How can a good looking place like this with a fancy name sell budget meals? Haha. Mixed message. Customers gets confused. Personally, I’d like for them to stick with their roasterie/cafe identity and maybe serve short orders but not rice meals. It’s quite an odd sight to see someone sipping fancy coffee in the corner and the other table with a rice meal.


But anyway, we were hungry and ordered Broccoli and Beef and Chicken Mushroom. Beef was tender, broccoli cooked just right though it was a bit too salty for my taste. Chicken mushroom was a little less creamy than I imagined it to be. Not jumping up and down about their rice meals.

I took a sip of my friend’s hazelnut coffee but again, I don’t think I’m the right person to review coffee. But it was pretty good! So was the Caramel Macadamia flavored coffee that I tried.


They’re pretty new and they’re growing. They’re pretty far from town. It’s actually a home turned into a cafe. The owner is very hands on with everything. Overall, a lovely neighborhood cafe. Plus! They’ve got free wifi connection and a huge tv screen that showed the soap, Aryana when we where there. Haha. Not the best combo. But hey, it’s a family owned and managed place. Nothing contrived and super carefully conceptualized. That — you can expect from Cosy’s Roasterie. Check out the sweatpants-wearing barista!


Cosy’s Roasterie is located in Imelda Village, right beside the Christmas house.


6 thoughts on “Cosy’s Roasterie

  1. Looks good! Will drop there when I come by sometime next time. Btw, do you have any idea how much pocket money I need to bring when I go up? Solo trip, btw.

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