Engineer’s Hill Egg Pie

While a lot of people are willing to stand in line for hours just trying to get something at Bread Talk, this humble bakery also has its own share of loyal followers, me being one of them.

But before I go on with my egg pie review, let me just say that Bread Talk may have good stuff but I still think the best breads and pastries in Baguio are made by local bakers. Not because 25% of my friends bake, but because it’s true. What Bread Talk offers is convenience and it really looks nice and all that — but if it’s just really good bread you want — I can recommend Swiss Baker, Baguio Country Club (they have a kiosk in SM) and Sunshine Bakery–they all offer good quality stuff. 

But I understand the initial reaction to Bread Talk — it was like the first time McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts opened in the city. Everyone went gaga! 

So anyway, egg pie. For 200-220 a box (I dont remember exact price), this egg pie is a real steal. I used to hate egg pie as a child, because I only get the really cheap side walk version. But this one’s really good. My picture sucks, but really, trust me, any one I’ve served it to say the same thing — it really is the best egg pie in Baguio City!

Check them out at Engineers Hill, that part of the talipapa that exits to Victory Liner. You’ll find a tiny, dingy bakeshop. When you see the boxes in the display case, you’ll know it!



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