Jacks’ vs Good Taste vs Emil Rose Rice Toppings

I’ve been meaning to do this for the longest time and it’s bad timing that I finally decided to do it after I’ve lost my laptop and all my blog files. Still not over it. It sucks.

Anyway, I shall make do with what I have.

I call these restos Baguio’s version of the American Diner. And the rice toppings are what the diners serve. Hehe.

1. Jacks’

This is your most budget friendly option. What’s really good about Jacks’ is they have a lot of branches scattered across the city. When I was in college, I frequented the one behind dingy Shoppers’ Lane and ate side by side with fellow students, jeepney drivers, store clerks, etc. Jacks’ has come a long way and so have their serving size.

Along with expansion came the reduction of serving size. But for about 80+ pesos, it’s hard to complain. I think this is the porkchop rice. I like how there’s a lot of greens on my plate. It’s not THE chopsuey, but it will do.

For more info and pictures, check this out >> http://baguiofood.info/2012/05/08/jacks-baguio-restaurant/

They have several locations — Session Road, Magsaysay, Mabini, and more. I think they even have one in Dagupan, right above Red Ribbon

Jack's Rice

Pork chop Rice Topping

2. Good Taste

If you want more bang for your buck and don’t mind the long walk to any of their two locations — go to Good Taste. Check out my post here.

Rice toppings are priced similarly to that of Jack’s but servings here are bigger.

Good Taste has 2 locations (that I’m aware of) — 1 is at the Dangwa station right behind Center Mall in Magsaysay. They’re almost always full each time I go. There are other similar restuarants in the area like Sab-atan and the newer one, which I forgot the name of.  The other location is near Burnham Park. If you’re facing the Rizal monument, go left until you see the Chowking building– it’s at the building behind it.

I was looking for pictures from the net and I stumbled upon a review that said it was his first time to eat broccoli in Good Taste. I thought that was really sad. But yes, Good Taste knows their veggies, they’re almost always cooked just right and for 200 pesos or less, you’ll have one happy tummy.

Check out the menu here >>  http://baguiofood.info/2011/04/21/good-taste-restaurant-menu/

3. Emil Rose

The “high-end” diner. haha. It’s higher end because of the price. But their menu is similar to Jacks and Good Taste.

Immediately below is the lechon rice. Woncha take a look at that fine piece of meat! 😀



And here’s the Emil Rose Rice


baguio blogger

The Emil Rose Rice Topping

My family is probably one of their oldest customers. We’ve watched it grow and witnessed the price increase over the years. The quality of the food has not declined. My personal favorite is anything that’s served with their Chop Suey. They do it right! Vegetables are crunchy, never overcooked!


It’s my favorite place to dine after church on Sundays. Servings are big! Vegetables are fresh and staff is courteous and friendly. Plus, compared with the 2 other “diners” , Emil Rose is cleaner, classier but yep, much further from down town. It is located in Scout Barrio, right next to the Palaganas Bakery.

You’ll also have to shell out more money for the rice toppings. Price Range is from 150-180.

Check out pictures here >>> http://jomanette.wordpress.com/tag/emil-rose-restaurant/


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