I always have something good to say about Volante. It’s because it’s such a great place to eat and you get a lot out of your money. Just don’t use their horrid restrooms at their Session Road branch. Reminds me of those classic Regal Shocker movies. Hehe.

For 200 bucks, you get a loooot of value for your money.

Here are my favorites:

1. Pesto Chicken – Well, the pesto sauce texture is so fine you wonder what leaves they put in. Haha. But it is good and its very affordable. If my memory serves me right, a regular sized Pesto Chicken is just about 120 or less.

I’d like to thank my friend, http://morefunwithems.wordpress.com for some of the pictures I’ll be using for this post. I think you know why. Haha.


2. Salmon/ Grilled Chicken Pizza. One word. YUM! Like totally. Chunks of chicken on thin crust pizza topped with Mozarella! A 10 inch pizza would be about 220 or less, I believe. You can half-half it too! This is an absolute must try. This and their Salmon Pizza. You WILL not find it in Greenwich!Nope.


3. Waffles. Back in the day, these were just 35 pesos, now they’re about 75 for two pieces! Oh how times have changed. Smother it with butter and their sweet syrup, you’ll be one happy person.

4. Lemongrass tea –– hot or cold, it always be worth your 26 pesos!

5. Apple Pie – They’re pretty inconsistent with this. The best one I had was one that came straight out of the oven. Other times, it was microwaved heated, the crust was burnt and the insides were cold. Ugh. But if your apple pie stars are aligned and you happen to be there when it’s just out of the over, I recommend it! I think it’s just about 65 pesos but certainly less than 80.

6. This dessert I dont know the name of. But what it is , is hot brownie like stuff at the bottom and vanilla ice cream on top. Ah, you know me. Anything with ice cream gets a thumbs up!

Image I love the Volante vibe, plus they’re 24 hours open — well I know the one in Session Road is. The other location is in John Hay, which is my favorite and I think they opened another branch somewhere in the Wright Park area. Now this says a LOOOOT about a local restaurant! 3 branches and counting. They must be doing something right. They sure make me happy each time I visit!


Try their salads too! Nothing beats Baguio salads! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Volante

  1. Nice! I’ve been waiting for a post about Volante and here it is! 🙂 My gf and I usually eat here after work when I’m on 3-11 shift 😀

  2. The dessert’s called the Choco Vanilla Affair. :3
    My friends and I hang out in Volante A LOT too (we toss a coin to choose which branch we’d go to, haha). And I do agree about the restroom in the SessionRd branch, they really need to attend to that. But we still go there despite that fact. :))

    • Haha. Thanks! My memory is bad. Happens all the time. I don’t take good notes. I just concentrate on eating. :). I think it’s the Session Road branch with that’s the most vibey (if that’s even a word.haha) but yeah restroom –ugh.

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