Eats In Baguio Project

This is quite a bit premature but can I just say I’m so EXCITEEEEEEEEEEED to be invited to be part of an awesome project. I met with the editor in chief and her staff on Sunday and I realized just how uber cool the project is.

What it is — Imma go look for the obscure places to eat in Baguio. Sounds like my blog! Eats In Baguio.

Also big shout out to Lisha for making my oh so awesome header.

And for my blogger and twitter friends ( I love you Surviving Sagada and Victory Liner!) — thanks so much. :).My blog hit 34k+ views recently. Which is a huge achievement for me as I don’t promote a lot!

I remember when I got my first comment my Chaya post– I was soooo surprised how they found me. I put this blog up because I didn’t want to flood my FB friends with food porn — and now I’m just so grateful that I’m able to provide info to all you out there. I’d hate for people to visit Baguio and go to the usual. That’s no fun.

For my mentor bloggers who have super kaduper awesome blogs (biyaheng pinoy and morefunwithems), thanks for helping me realize just how fun this is!Nahihirapan akong magpapayat at mag food blog. Haha.


One thought on “Eats In Baguio Project

  1. Thank you Krish for the special “mentions”. Mentions talaga haha. I don’t know why I missed this post of yours. I am so happy that you find happiness in food blogging. Keep it up.

    Surviving Sagada aka Biyaheng Pinoy

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