Panagbenga 2013: Session Road in Bloom

I speak for many residents of Baguio. We look forward to Session Road in Bloom more than crowded parades. I know many of my friends who would rather stay home than watch.

We however, look forward to Session Road in Bloom! Session Road, Baguio’s main CBD road is closed for a week and stalls are put up — food, handicrafts, plants.

I shall cover food. Here’s what I had on Day 1.

I had (and I regret having) Big City’s Supersized Hotdog for 40 pesos. I haven’t had hotdog in forever. First, it’s mainly meat additives and second it’s super red.

2- is the Shawarma. not THE shawarma but the beef Shawarma from the stall across Skyworld. I didn’t like the wrap – it was sweet. The insides were okay though. Nothing special but okay.

3- Lhaksa by  Citylight Hotel- My favorite for today. If I’m not mistaken, Citylight actually has an in house – Singaporean chef. I loved the flavor! It was spicy but the coconut milk countered it. Perfect balance! Although the noodles felt rough in my tongue. I wish we had a choice as to which noodle to put it. I first had Lhaksa in Chinatown in Sydney and I remember my noodles being a little fat.



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