Hill Station Tapas Bar and Restaurant

I’m a huge fan of Hill Station. It was love at first sight, actually. :). It was just me and a friend having dessert and we were surprised when the waiter pulled a third chair for our table – thought he was going to join us. Turns out he did this so we’d have a place for our bags. Now, where else can you find that kind of service?

The chair for our bags and coats.

The chair for our bags and coats.

I’ve gone to Hill Station mostly for their oh so yummy Deep Dark Chocolate cake. One thick slice of sinful indulgence. Ah. So good.  (Thanks, morefunwithems for the photos). I usually pair this either with Jasmin Tea or Oolong Tea. On my first time, they served the tea in cast iron kettles. So pretty!

Deep Dark Chocolate Cake

Deep Dark Chocolate Cake

For the main dish, my fave would be the Slow Cooked Moroccan Spiced Baby Back Ribs. The Moroccan spices were superb. Can’t name them all but there was a bit of curry or turmeric flavor. There was zest but not spice. I would keep coming back for it! The tomato side dish was also fantastic. You know me, I love my veggies.

(Thanks to my friend Jenny for the picture. I’m such a picture borrower. Hayyy 😦 )

Moroccan Spiced Baby Back Ribs

Moroccan Spiced Baby Back Ribs

I’ve also tried their burger and their version of fish and chips. They’re not known for these quick orders but it still is worth a try. But for maximum dining satisfaction, order one of their signature dishes.

Be prepared to spend about 150 for dessert and 400 (at least) for the meal. No, they’re not the cheapest but NOTHING in Hill Station IS cheap. Everything is high quality, high value and highly recommended 😉 .  I’ve been here enough times to say that each visit will always be worth your buck.

I highly recommend Hill Station. I attended a private party here once and EVERYTHING — EVERYYYYYTHING they served that night was delish — from their baked potato wedges appetizers , to their salad, to their soup, bread and the very memorable eggplant dish. Everything was perfect. It was an awesome way to celebrate. Excellent food and a very intimate setting! Then there was the buffet with Aklay that happens yearly. Grrrreat food too. They have fantastic events and promos they put out every month, so keep an eye for these so you could enjoy the awesomeness that Hill Station offers.

They’re at 111 Session Rd | Casa Vallejo. From  Barrio Fiesta, where the huge Igorot Wood Carvings are, just keep heading toward the Session Rotonda and you’ll see it on your right. Can’t miss it.


4 thoughts on “Hill Station Tapas Bar and Restaurant

  1. i tried the coffee shop of hillstation and boy oh boy, fell in love with their treats as soon as i entered the shop. the homy feeling, ambiance of the interiors makes me want to sleep on their couches. and of course, we also tried the NY cheesecake paired with freshly brewed cordillera coffee. YUMMY!!

    Can’t wait to go back to Baguio and visit Hillstation again, soon. 🙂

    • I think I tried sleeping on their nice comfy couches a couple of times. And one night there wasnt anybody there but me and some friends and the piano player — super awesome. We ended up singing along to every.single.song until we successfully annoyed him. HAHA.

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