Silungan, Bulaluhan and Mamihan- the Turo-turo on the Hill, the Alley eatery and Rose Cafe

They say the best meals can only be had at home. I totally agree. When my family goes to other homes to eat, we’re always critical of what we eat. Our kare-kare will always be better, our caldereta too. No wonder many food establishments love to claim that what they have is “home-cooked” meals.

The next 3 food spots featured in this spots fall under “home-cooked”. Home because they are Baguio-based, and home because it’s nothing fancy, just good ole busog-lusog places to eat.

1. Silungan Eatery – located beside the DSWD silungan center and the PNA building in Upper Session Road. At noontime, it’s not hard to find at all. You can see the long lines from the outside, mostly folks on their lunch break from SM or the nearby offices.


The looong line seen from the outside.

I ordered Pinapaitan (25 pesos for half an order) and Bulalo (60 for half). Chino had Chicken sisig and dinakdakan combo meal for 50 pesos , Shauna had the crispy pork and the igadu-giniling crossover for 45 pesos. All in all we spent 180.


My bulalo


Shauna’s meal. Crispy pork and igadu looking giniling!


Chino’s meal: Dinakdakan and chicken sisig

For easier reading, here’s a summary of points:

  • Unlimited sabaw
  • they put sauce on your combo rice – choose from the sabaw/sauce available
  • bulalo is meaty
  • pinapaitan tastes and looks clean (this is important to me, obviously. no strange smell and no strong green color on sabaw)
  • place is a makeshift , informal place to eat – unstable, shaky and built on a hill

Makeshift structure on a hill

  • your view consists of a dead pine tree
  • outdoor balcony dining available 🙂

2. The Manang Teresita Eatery – I knew we were at the right place the first time I laid eyes on it. They are located at the alley right behind the BPI Harrision building – where the Camp 6 jeepney terminal is. Clientele is a mix of yuppies and students. This is a literal hole in the wall. A must try for everyone.


It doesn’t get any more holey than this!

  • Outdoor dining – they set up tables along the alley

Great place for dates! Haha

  • Staff is friendly
  • Bulalo is — well — fatty, sinful . Made up of huge chunks, very soft meat. Don’t let it cool before you eat it lest you have sebo everywhere — yes your arteries included. hahaha. It’s about 120+
  • Lechon Paksiw – thumbs up! Love it! Love the sourness of it, huge chunks too! 60 pesos

Our orders – lechon paksiw, lechon kawali and bulalo!

  • Lechon Kawali – crispy but natangken! 🙂 But for 60 pesos, it’s sulit.
  • I also ordered beef ampalaya just to have gulay but it had more meat than gulay and the amapalaya was too soft from overcooking.
  • My notes say I paid 348 for everything including 1 coke litro and 3 rice

3.  Rose Cafe. – Oh boy. We walked in to a packed cafe. Some guys were standing against the wall waiting for the first one to finish. I wondered why they were all so quiet. And so when we finally got seated, I realize the the guys in one table do not know one another — haha! — thus conversation was optional or even, discouraged. We felt so out of place with our Taglish selves mixed in with our tunay na lalake table mates.


The people inside who probably thought we were weird and wanted to kick us out for being too noisy.

  •  I think the chicken mami is overrated .It’s good but it wasn’t THAAAAT good. But for about 40++ (??) a huge serving, I see what the fuss was about

the fabled chicken mami

  • Pancit canton – also another overrated dish — but again, plate was heaped with pancit! Nakakabusog nga!
  • Place is cramped, we sat on stools, not chairs with backrests, to discourage people from staying longer than is needful, I guess
  • Clientele composed of students, drivers, workers, pretty much every one from all walks of life– mostly men though

For this particular food assignment, I invited my friends Chino and Shauna to help me out. All in all – for all 3 establishments, we spent– well, I spent..hahha 638 pesos. This was during the Session Road in Bloom event so after our last stop- we went for drinks at the Route 55 stall and added another 135 to our bill.

our cool down treats

our cool down treats

I would highly recommend going to these places as an alternative to all the places I had included in my blog. Haha. I have to say, this was a little out of my comfort zone but I was happy to give it a try. For under 1000 for a total of 8 meals and 3 smoothie drinks, you sure get bang for your buck.


2 thoughts on “Silungan, Bulaluhan and Mamihan- the Turo-turo on the Hill, the Alley eatery and Rose Cafe

  1. Glad you enjoyed the food. The first time I ate at Manang Teresita’s was such a laugh. After our shift, my cousin led us to that place and we looked severely out of place. We had on our uber-corporate attires and the other customers [mostly consisting of kuya’s and manong’s] can’t help but stare and wonder what the h**** are we doing there. But the moment we started pointing at our orders and talking to each other in Ilokano and Kan-kana-ey, more space was made and chairs pulled out. Hehehe.

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