Le Monet : Dinelli Gourmet and The Malt Room

Dinelli Gourmet

Just a few minutes after having lunch with my friend’s family in Seafood Island in John Hay, our two other friends came to join us fashionably late. Ms. W was looking for a “new” place to eat so I recommended Dinelli Gourmet in Le Monet.

Ms J and Ms D just got off from work and were both super hungry – -they decided to order beef caldereta and talbos (not sure what fancy name they gave it). I just had lunch so I just ordered their chocolate cake and Ms. W got buffalo wings.

Here goes:

  • Caldereta – Ever heard of the line “tinimbang ka ngunit kulang” . That’s exactly how this was like. I can name 500 other places with better caldereta. Sure, the beef was soft and the potatoes and carrots were firm and fresh, but for a place that has “gourmet” in its name, there was nothing “gourmet” about this dish. Serving was pretty big though, so that’s a good thing 🙂


  • Talbos ng Sayote – My favorite from everything we ordered. The sayote leaves were blanched perfectly and the tomatoes were fresh and complimented the sayote leaves perfectly. Just be careful not to add too much bagoong as I did


  • Buffalo wings – Why oh why can’t anybody get this right? Why do the wings have to be hilariously tiny. We were warned that if they added the “chili sauce” in, it would be too spicy, so we opted that they serve it on the side. It was  DIY Buffalo wings dish 🙂 and I wouldn’t recommend you eat it that way.


  • Chocolate Cake – Dry, forgettable piece of pastry.


  • Calamari – Oh boy. Where do I begin? Too much breading, very little squid. 😀


On the upside, Dinelli gourmet in Le Monet is such a gorgeous place to dine. High ceiling with dramatic chandelier lighting, ultra comfy elegant seating and awesome staff make this dining experience not thaaat bad.



Ms W felt generous and took care of the bill. It’s surprisingly affordable to eat here ,given its elegant set-up. I just wish the food were just as “elegant”. 🙂

After this, the gang headed to Ketchup Community for more food. Yes, it’s embrassing – 3 restos in 1 day. And I complain why I gain weight.

The Malt Room

The Malt Room is another dining option in Le Monet. Now the first time, I was here was a press conference of sorts. This time, I had the opportunity to check out one of their specialties. Mr T ordered Filet Mignon and since I was once again full from an earlier meal — I settled for  hot chocolate.

The Filet Mignon came with hot, crisp, tasty fries. Beef was so so incredibly tender and flavorful!



Staff were very friendly, courteous and helpful. Well, when you’re the only ones left there, I suppose they’d give you the same undivided attention we were given.

Get ready to shell out a couple of 1000s for their steaks — really depends which one you get. Food, place and service is high quality, that’s for sure.


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