Beans Talk Bistro

Not counting Don Henrico’s, this place serves the awesomest Buffalo Wings in Baguio that I’ve had in yeeears.

For 150, you get three pieces of the real deal wings in here — like the whole thing, not just fore-wings as my previous buffalo wing experiences. The attendant suggested It’s best matched with beer. Now I get it — it’s because of its strong barbeque-y, sweet and saucy taste. For non-alcohol drinkers, try pairing it with iced tea or a drink with a semi-bitter taste. Otherwise, the sweetness of the wings and a sweet soda drink will be too overwhelming. Been there. :). Overall, I enjoyed the serving size and the taste — for a wuss like me when it comes to spicy food — the mix of spicy, sweet , salty and smoky was just right! Most of all, the price was just right!


Friend A had lasagna , which she wasn’t too happy about. You know what happens when you leave pasta “soaked” in their sauce? Pasta absorbs it and taste becomes too strong. Plus, we saw it reheated in the microwave. I think we all know reheated anything is never as good as the fresh thing.

I also got to try their cupcakes, banana bread and the sticky bun. The sticky bun is my favorite, the banana bread, the least. Cupcakes were just okay ( we had Dulce de Leche and Red Velvet) but would definitely be enough to curb your pastry craving.


For drinks — I haven’t had their specialties yet  — I guess I’ll save that for the next review.

This place is bright, wified, modern and new and right smack at the center of Session Road — but you do have to climb a few flights of stairs when you get to that new big building.


In both visits, I sat at the balcony where you can see an awesome view of what’s hidden behind the green wall that covered where Bombay Bazaar used to be. It would make a great location for Lito Lapid’s next action movie — talahib, check, dilapidated walls, check! Hehe. Look further beyond that, you see Melvin Jones football ground, look left, there’s the rest of Session Road, look right, there’s Maharlika. Great view overall. Great spot to take a time lapse video of pedestrians on Session Road while you finish up your Buffalo wings and sip your drink of choice.


Beans Talk Bistro is at the new, tall, controversial building on Session Road. Can’t miss it.


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