Peter Pinder Marmalade

I associate Peter Pinder with art — specifically his fiberglass creations. I remember the Voss’ house I visited in Sagada — if my memory serves me right, I believe he created the bathtub fixture in one of the bathrooms.

So when my brother told me about his Peter Pinder  marmalade, I got a little confused. Well, it turns out  that it’s the same Peter Pinder! And yes, his marmalade is as awesome as his art work.

Here’s a sample of his work: (Photo from


Ladies and gents, the Peter Pinder Marmalade Collection — not sure if this is all of it though. The Citrus family is not complete in this picture. Pomelo marmalade, anyone? Hehe. And yep, the orange marmalade jar is empty. 🙂


Orange, Dalandan and Lemon Marmalade

Peter Pinder Marmalade is amazingly thick and tangy. The thinly cut citrus rinds are perfectly mixed into the jelly. Now a word to those more used to bringing home strawberry jams/preserves and jellies — the difference between marmalade and jam is — well — the rind. Expect bitter undertones. It takes a little getting used to if you’re used to the ultra sweet strawberry preserve.


I love the Dalandan marmalade the most. It’s hard to put into words how dalandan is different from the regular orange. It’s got this very characteristic flavor — it’s a special kind of sour and sweet. Therefore, the Peter Pinder Dalandan marmalade is a special kind of sweet, sour and bitter. It’s a perfect companion to your slightly burnt toast — or french toast as I prefer it. I ran out of bread though so I spread mine on crackers!

Marmalade spread on crackers

Marmalade spread on crackers

So next time you look for a souvenir from Baguio City, be the cool person and bring home something new from Baguio City.

Peter Pinder marmalades are sold at the Bencab Museum on Asin Road and I think I saw some sold an PNKY too.


5 thoughts on “Peter Pinder Marmalade

  1. giz_w1z, i think peter the last time he was in my office mentioned that SM carries his marmalade. so it should be available wherever your at

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