Dessert at Cafe by the Ruins

After having early dinner in Bayleaf  — we were looking for dessert. None of the dessert items was available at our time of visit.

Anywayyyy — the closest we can think of was Cafe by the Ruins– which isn’t really close at all. Not when you’re full. 🙂

My friend, Miss A” ordered the Choco Lava cake: What a gastronomic treat this is! It was worth the 15+ minute wait! Now I told  A, it was a different kind of chocolate — and apparently it is — tablea! So you have this distinct Filipino chocolate taste mixed in with their home made (vanilla?) ice cream. The inside was hot and gooey! Hot, gooey + ice cream and passionfruit sauce = wow! Price? 290! ( or around that price) Wow! 😀
ImageWhile we waited for A’s cake, we feasted on my refreshing Pavlova! Tiny scoops of melon + slices of mango and banana on top of a melt-in-your-mouth meringue = amazing fusion of tropical fruit goodness. Oh and yes, one must not forget the blueberry. That was good too. The nice and smooth yogurt perfectly complimented the texture of the meringue. This is about 165 pesos.

We had a good time in Cafe by the Ruins but actually, the Pavlova wasn’t my original order — a few things in the menu were not available — and it always happened to be what I wanted. But alas — fate led me to my Pavlova! Hehe. Another thing also that was a wee bit inconvenient was the rocking table! If you haven’t been there, you see, Cafe by the Ruins is known for its location and very laid back, very Baguio-ish ambiance. By that I mean – uneven flooring and nice open space. Prepare to spend a few minutes even-ing up your table’s legs.

But with dessert this good, I think you’ll forget about it and just live in the sweet moment.


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