Baguio Dairy Farm Yoghurt

When I was a kid, I thought that fresh milk  from the Baguio Dairy Farm came straight from the the cow’s udder. It took a few years for me to realize that “fresh” doesn’t always mean straight from the source.

Therefore, the fresh yoghurt from Baguio Dairy Farm definitely does not come straight from the cow. 😀

On my most recent visit, I got strawberry, melon, plain , cherry and blueberry.

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Baguio Dairy Farm Yoghurt comes in Plain, Strawberry, Blueberry, Melon, Mango and Cherry

I love the yoghurt from Baguio Dairy Farm. I usually add a bit of sugar and candy sprinkles to the plain yoghurt but the flavored ones need no adjusting! I think the melon variant just came out — or maybe — it was my lucky day — I came when their fridge was well-stocked. The yoghurt was rich, thick, and creamy. The fruit bits were nice and squishy :). The cherry and the strawberry flavors were almost the same to me.

Packaging is definitely not trendy – but hey, it works. And for 40 Pesos a small (330ml?) bottle, it is SUPER worth it. The thing is, yoghurt is creamy — these bottles are meant for water, not yoghurt. So unless you slice the bottle open and scoop all the contents with a spoon, you end up wasting some really good stuff in there.


I know some yoghurt makers use powdered milk — I can’t really tell the difference but hey buying it from the farm tells me it’s made from real milk PLUS I feel good because I help the cooperative that makes them. Here’s a close up look of the really thick and creamy Baguio Dairy Farm Plain Yoghurt.


To get your the Baguio Dairy Farm Yogurt, you’ll need to go there. Hehe. It is not distributed anywhere else, according to the attendant.

Got a GPS? Here’s Baguio Dairy Farm’s coordinates are: Coordinates:   16°23’17″N   120°34’8″E

Or,when coming from down town Baguio, keep driving till you reach the Balacbac/Green Valley Junction. The road forks — take the road going up. Keep going till you hear cows mooing! 🙂

Enjoy your yoghurt!

7 thoughts on “Baguio Dairy Farm Yoghurt

    • From the Green Valley – Balacbac Junction , take the Green Valley Road , keep going till you see the gate to your right. The exact address? I don’t really know but everyone from that area can point you to that direction. It’s hard to miss.

  1. hi kindly give us wher to take a ride if we use jeepny where to go for a jeepny and if we use taxi how much more or less does it cost us?pls we really want to try the yogurt really bad hehehe thanks in advance kindly email me at


    • hmm.. it’s quite a distance from down town, actually. So if you’re taking the jeep – take the Green Valley / Balacbac jeepney from the Bayanihan Building (Ukay Ukay Department Store right across the Burnham Park gated entrance. Pamasahe is about 10 pesos. If you’re taking a cab – just say Dairy Farm – and from town the pamasahe is about 100 pesos. There are lots of taxis and jeeps to take you back to town so don’t worry about letting your cab go.

      Hope that helps!And thanks for visiting my blog. How’d you find it?

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