Under the Tree Book Cafe

I have 2 new favorite places to hangout when I’m in Session Road. One is Beans Talk Cafe and this – Under the Tree Book Cafe

While many places seem to have an identity crisis with who they are or what they want to be – Under the Tree Book Cafe is true to its name – a book cafe! 🙂

It’s a nice, bright, fun and accessible cafe in the heart of the city. It’s student friendly – budget wise and otherwise! 🙂 The last time I was here there were 3 groups of students working on their paper. It’s like a dream library  with no librarian :).

Gotta love this wall!


They have fruit smoothies, tea, coffee at  very affordable prices! For as low as 55 pesos, you get a drink, a seat, a book to read and wifi connection.


To date, I’ve only been able to sample 2 drinks – mint chocolate and pink lemonade. I love both.


Their cream puff is pretty good too. (Note to self- must pair with tea, not pink lemonade.)


Under the Tree Book Cafe is located at the Baden Powell Inn Building along Governor Pack Road. You might not see the entrance right away but as long as you see Andok’s , look up and you know you’re in the right place. Head towards the parking lot and you’ll see the entrance opposite Kikan.

Here’s their FB Page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/CafeUTT


13 thoughts on “Under the Tree Book Cafe

    • yep. I like their sticky bun when done right. Last time I was there, it was overbaked but they were nice enough to have it replaced for another product. I haven’t tried a lot of the pastries in Under the Tree Book Cafe but yep all their stuff are very affordable.

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