Amare la Cucina

One of the things I like most about writing this blog is the suggestion I get from friends and readers. Sometimes I get emails, or a text from a friend telling me to check out a new eats in town.

UPDATE! They have transferred to:  Inside Albergo Hotel, #1 villamor drive, lualhati brgy, Baguio City. Near wright park and mansion house. 

One of these friendly suggestions is Amare la Cucina. Just like Turf, it’s not very common to see eats like this in residential areas in Baguio. This one’s found in DPS compound.  If you see Mario’s in Upper Session Road, then you’re close. Just follow the tarp signs like we did. Can’t miss it! 🙂


Well, I was one hungry woman who has been limiting protein to chicken, fish and egg for weeks. I needed some variety. ;). A and I had ribs, the best seller sausage pizza and their best selling salad(the name I forgot..too hungry to take notes).

Pizza dough is hand tossed for everyone to see.


Place is filled with a lot of happy, warm colors, yellow, orange and brown and nice soft orangey lighting.


Their menu is printed on simple white paper.  It was like going through someone’s school project. hehe. But I’m sure this is temporary. They are after all, very new.


We picked the most expensive salad just because we can. haha. And boy it was so worth it. It’s a huuuuge plate of greens good for 2-3 people.  I hope other Baguio restos who scrimp on their greens learn from Amare. My favorite ingredient in the salad is the caramelized walnut! Mixed in with argula and a generous serving of lettuce AAAND sun dried tomatoes, this has got to be one of my favorite salads to date. The dressing was a little thick and tangy. Overall, a perfect combo to the ribs we ordered.


We came  to Amare with no expectations so we were very happy with each order they delivered to our table. Here’s the ribs. Unlike other ribs smothered in a concoction of strong barbecue-y flavors and sometimes even too sweet, this is a little different. It was like the Inihaw na pork pinoy version – simple but it packs a strong punch! There were three thick slices of perfectly cooked pork ribs. I loooove the woody flavor.


It’s served with veggies that  complimented the juicy pork ribs.


Then there was pizza that just came in one size  – 13 inches. Aguinaya and I were like — we can’t finish that.


But 30 minutes after….


I like the burnt edges of the crust. This is also best eaten fresh off the oven. I took the leftover pizza home and I was told it was underbaked? I don’t know but for me, it seemed fine at the restaurant. I call it the passover unleavened bread. Hehe.

But I was thinking temperatures in wood-fired brick ovens are pretty hard to control. Takes a lot of expertise to manage the heat. Looking back, the dough probably should have spent a little more time inside? Dough was a little wet and mushy – not sure if that’s what they were going for. But the edges, I was pretty sure was cooked. 🙂


Amare is a great place that curbed my Italian craving. Its simple yet strong and distinct flavors left  a lasting impression in my mouth.  Also, the staff were courteous and attentive. Plus, the area is well-lit and easy to find exept when you get to the main road– that was pretty dark.

A picture paints a thousand words. Thus, I shall let the final picture conclude this post.


Total damage is 1000+. So that’s an average of 350+ per order. We could’ve fed 6 dainty girls with our order. But we were neither dainty nor girls. We were women with an appetite. Haha

Oh and they like taking pictures of patrons, so if you want to go incognito, tell em not to post yours on their FB page. .

PS. Dear Amare, I super like your FB page but perhaps an album with amazing images of your food could be a good addition to your page? I’m usually more attracted to food than to people. But that’s just me. Love, eatsinbaguio 🙂



4 thoughts on “Amare la Cucina

  1. Dear ma’am/sir,

    can we make a request to update amare la cucina’s address to Inside Albergo Hotel, #1 villamor drive, lualhati brgy, Baguio City. Near wright park and mansion house. We just moved last January 8,2014

    Thank you so much Eats in Baguio and More Power

    Amare La Cucina and mngt

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