Premature Excitement

It doesn’t take a lot to excite me.

A message, email, tweet from friendly strangers who find my blog and want to collaborate/meet up puts a big smile on my face even if our some of plans never do materialize. HAHA!

Recently, it was Aileen from VSO ( also on who found me when she googled Baguio bloggers. I ended up meeting her and used her awesome knowledge in international volunteering for one of my part time ‘secret’ / not so secret identities.

By the way, shout out to Aris of ArisOnline for including me in his short list of Baguio Bloggers. That’s pretty cool. I think it’s how Aileen found me. I have no idea how to do SEO stuff – (thus  I remain a ‘zero-rank blogger..haha) — but dude, your post is spreading the eatsinbaguio love! Haha!

So yeah looks like one big plan will happen and I’m so excited about it because we do have some authority folks coming in. ( See, I’m actually pro-tourism as opposed to ‘ruining  Baguio’s tourism image’ as one of my friendly commentators accuse me of doing. Sending big love to you, whoever you are 🙂 )

So, what is the event? The clue is below! Haha!


PS. Sorry for being so tamad with updates.  I got sick, went on a trip –returned and got too tied up at work. But I will definitely write a post about the next big collaboration with my awesome blogger buddies from Pinas Muna . You guys have to check out their blog! They’ve got the most awesome stories to tell from their trips to Mindanao. Hope to join them next time! You guys are braaa-aave!


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