100,00 hits , 100,000 spoonfuls of great food

Yay! What a perfect time to hit the 100,000 mark! Woot woot. And it is ON!

Eats in Baguio is teaming up (more like tagging along..haha) with Pinas Muna and a handful of other bloggers from all over the Philippines for a Baguio City food tour aptly called Baguio Food Tour 2013  What is it exactly? 2 days of busog!

I’ll be with the cool bloggers behind these awesome blogs.
palibut.com & robinspinzon.com
rina-alcantara.com & chasingrins.com

Follow me on Instagram to get real time food porn! I’m @eatsinbaguio  also on Twitter @eatsinbaguio . Check out the food porn by the other  bloggers by searching #baguiofoodtour2013

I’m on Facebook but rarely. I get all my love from the blog :).


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