Baguio Food Tour 2013 – Day 1

What a blogging year it has been! This has got to be the awesomest way to end the year- meeting up with bloggers from all over the Philippines and show them what Baguio has to offer.
ImageI met Ramil in May when I responded to his tweet to meet up for Sunday dinner. He found my blog, found my twitter account and found Baguio’s self proclaimed #1 Food Blogger! Haha!

This was 4 months in the making. He did most of the work, while I just sat pretty. 🙂 Some proposals were turned down, some were accepted, some responded early, some responded late. But the best thing is – the 2-day Food tour was packed with food adventures! Thanks to our generous sponsors who value the bloggers’ voice :).


I missed 2 breakfasts and 1 lunch. But still had fun. This post is a list of the restaurants where I was able to join the group.

1 – Lunch at Mines View Park Hotel – famous for their Pork Sinigang with Strawberries and their Bibing-crepe creations.


Also their Pork Adobo with Strawberries

ImageMy fave would got to be their Bibingka- Crepe Hybrid! Totally cool! It’s like biting on a Belgian waffle but a familiar pearly texture greets your mouth.

Image2– Starbucks – the first Starbucks in John Hay – We all got a cool drink. Thanks, Starbucks!


3- Divine Sweet Delights – Baguio’s top Customized Cake maker (in my book). Made a specialized cake for the occasion. Some serious self promotion situation here. 🙂


We also got her super sarap carrot cupcakes – which is my ultimate fave. I spent 2-3 weeks searching for the best carrot cupcake or cake but nothing beats Divine Sweet Delights’ version. It was love at first bite when I first had it at a friend’s party. Here are pics I took of my recent order. The same divine cupcakes were sampled by the group.

ImageI’ve always considered it as all in one snack! Haha! Veg, check! Nuts, check! Sugar,check! Egg, check! Cream cheese, check. It has all flavors rolled in one. Sour – from the cream cheese, sweet from the– well, cake — salty from the nuts – and carrots?



4- Te Quiero for dinner – we went for the Tapa’s Buffet – Spanish Style. Great stuff for 350 pesos! What’s not to like? What’s more to like, their generosity! Thanks Sir Roy for a great night and a tour at your fine hotel – Microtel!


ImageMy favorite is Arroz Valenciana!

ImageAnd all you can eat beef short ribs!

ImageLove the flavors and textures in this bruschetta!Image

And of course- I always go for what most people tend to ignore- the side dish/sauce/condiments. This was really good. It’s chopped green mangoes,onion, and a lot of Te Quiero love.

The sauce was for the chicken. Great pair!


So was this — cheese sticks and Pork Short Ribs

5- Just when you thought it was over – We went to Purple to party! Of course we also came for the food. They so generously filled our already bulging tummies with nachos, chicken wings and an interesting bacon wrap.



ImageThe first ever Baguio Tour was a huge success. Again, thanks to Ramil and Ed of Pinas Muna for putting this together and allowing me to show the good stuff that Baguio has to offer.


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