Barneys Burgers

I’ve always been curious of the long line at the stall near Starwood Hotel along Kisad Road. I put my investigation skills to good use and discovered a burger joint unlike any other in Baguio City.

Over the past few years- I’ve seen an explosion of burger stalls in every corner of the city. Barney’s Burger is unlike those. Barney’s burger is legen- (wait for it)- dary – or at least that’s what their sign says. 🙂

First difference- price. The lowest priced burger- that is -regular sized patty sandwich is  59 pesos. The highest priced burger with bacon, mushroom, BLT and magic sauce is 99, I think. Sorry, when I eat , I forget details.


Most burger street stalls buy their patties from the stores- and who knows what animal body part are in that ground meat concoction? Haha. I kid. I kid. But I’d like to believe that these aren’t one of those patties. One bite confirms this. The patty is juicy and incredibly tasty – I see some greens- onion leeks, perhaps? No magic sauce required.



What I’m most amazed about is the really soft , chewy sesame seed topped bun! So so so much better than those super dry buns I’ve had in legit restaurants!

Okay now time for some burger porn! Woot!


This is the Supreme Burger. Trust me, it tastes better than it looks (on this photo 🙂 )


If you like, me question where the ground meat in your burger comes from or have watched the video below and have developed a new interest for your food sources, Barney’s Burger is a great alternative. But not only that, each bite calls for your taste buds’ celebration.

Here’s their FB page:

They are located along Kisad Road – next door to 7-11 and Starwood Hotel. Can’t miss it!

*** UPDATE ****

Barney’s has 2 new branches: One in Porta Vaga and another one in Loakan, right across TI.

The Porta Vaga one has seats, and is the most dine-in friend of all Barney’s branches. The only indoor Barney’s. Service is good too! Staff is friendly.
The Loakan branch –  I don’t plan on going back here anytime soon. Sure, they’re new, but you don’t need training to be courteous, right? I asked 2 crew members to follow up with my order and I didn’t hear a word from them. The owner’s sister had to intervene when she noticed me looking a bit impatient. No fast food joint should make you wait for more than 15 minutes for 2 orders of burgers, right? Also, fries were not the Belgian kind- what they had were the frozen ones that were served undercooked. When I came, there were no other orders on queue, so I was the first one. But later on, I realize, when someone called in for delivery, they seemed to have prioritized that first before my order. Again, they’re new and more training is required. But the only person who showed some courtesy was the owner’s sister. Kudos to her for asking the crew to replace the batch of undercooked fries. But their crew has a looooong way to go. When service is bad, no matter how good food is, for me, it’s just not worth it.




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