Baguio Macarons

My friend Ems travels the world and posts amazing pictures of the food that’s hard to find in the Philippines. 🙂

One of these hard to find goodies are macarons. She writes about them >>here<<. The only macarons I’ve had are the ones sold at a bakeshop at a Supermarket in Bali – a place NOT known for its macarons! 🙂

And so I was fortunate to discover Baguio Macarons on Instagram – they liked one of my posts and I liked them back! The rest is history!

Baguio Macarons

Baguio Macarons

Macarons are very delicate pastries. They were even delivered in a cooler. If it gets too cold or too hot, it loses some of its heavenly properties.

The egg-shell like crust is smooth and flawless- no cracks , no bumps or bubbles on these specially delivered macarons. The meringue based cookie was heavenly and perfectly melted in my mouth. In between these meringue cookies is a filling. Since they come in many different flavors- picking a favorite is hard. I shared most of my macarons but I can say my favorites are passion fruit and salted caramel. They come from opposite ends of the taste spectrum. Passion fruit is light and delicate while their version of salted caramel is a bit strong.


Colorful French Confection

Colorful French Confection


The trick is to clean your palate after each flavor so you can fully enjoy the flavors. And again- eat like the French do. Eat slow and talk a lot in between bites! That way your 50 pesos goes a long way. 😉 No,they’re not cheap. But considering the amount of work put into each creation, it’s worth every peso.

These colorful French confection comes in very many flavors. Baguio Macarons uses only the best ingredients so you’ll be sure that each macaron is carefully crafted. They take great pride in not taking short cuts. And it shows!


To place your orders: Call/Text Baguio Macarons at 09274436551, 661-3042



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