Rumah Sate Barkada Meal

I first discovered Ketchup in May of 2012, just a few months after they opened. I never doubted that this place would be popular. And after meeting the guy who (owns) and conceptualized the place, the more appreciative I became with this space. First of all, they wanted to blend in with the environment, not stand out. 2- they wanted Baguio establishments to set up shop. They even turned down a national franchise. I don’t know what that franchise it is- but I can’t imagine seeing something like Mang Inasal side by side with all those Baguio greats! So, thanks Go family for your vision of what Baguio is supposed to look like- and for setting an example for developers out there.

Okay- onto Rumah Sate. 4 Words: BEST BARKADA MEAL EVER!

Tower of Power

Tower of Power

Often I see people stumbling upon my blog looking for cheap meals in Baguio. Who wants to eat cheap? Yep, I thought so. No one. But I know you want VALUE!

And this gift from heaven is value for your hard-earned buck. For 999- you get this big serving of pork and chicken satay, 2 servings of fresh salads- and for all you rice lovers out there- a tower of rice! And I’m sure we didn’t order a pitcher of iced tea. So it’s safe to say – this also comes with drinks. So imagine that- 999 for all this plus a great ambiance and good service.

We added an order from Happy Tummy. This is my Happy Tummy favorite!

Happy Tummy Tamarind Fish

Happy Tummy Tamarind Fish

Not sure what the proper name is but it’s deep fried tilapia with tamarind magic sauce. You might say that you can find fried tilapia anywhere. That’s true. But I’m sure it won’t be as interesting as this!

On your next barkada eat out- you either go to KFC or Jollibee for their barkada meals which you’ve had all your life or go to Ketchup to not only stuff yourselves silly but actually have a real dining experience!  For a group f 4 or 5 or less if you guys are really hungry- it’s so so so worth your money and travel time!

Sige, go na.

Rumah Sate and Happy Tummy is inside the Ketchup Food Community, right across the organically fragrant (read- stinky..haha)  Wright Park!



2 thoughts on “Rumah Sate Barkada Meal

  1. can’t wait to visit Baguio again. I miss the weather, the pinetrees, SM Baguio (lol), strawberries, and different restaurants. Been to Baguio 4 times pero di ko pa natry sa Ketchup. Will def try this when I visit, SOON!!! 🙂

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