DAY1 1: Warm and Cozy dishes in Baguio – The KLite Food Crawl 2017

DAY 1: Cafe Adriana

Rainy days either make you feel dreary or all cozied up. Café Adriana gives you the latter as an experience while dining at their place. Located at Outlook Ridge Residences at Outlook Drive, this place gives you the feeling of warmth and comfort while looking out the amazing view of the cafe.

Café Adriana is the newest brand of Hill Station, and it really does set itself apart by offering Filipino-Spanish inspired dishes that are sure to warm your heart.

Leaving the place made us feel closer to the friendly culture of Spain and the Philippines. Café Adriana might be under the Hill Station brand, but it sets itself apart through warm and cozy dishes guaranteed to make you long for more.

All photos are by Hijo De Foto Studios during the #KLiteFoodCrawl




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VANILLA CAFE – Where the food tastes as good as the hotel looks

It’s exactly yum time when the K-Lite Krew arrived just as all the food was served for lunch.

Along with the Vanilla Cafe’s fantasy theatrical ambiance, huge artistic chairs (they were heavy to move), among the food in front of us was a rice chicken meal. Chicken was tender and well seasoned.


Vanilla Cafe set a very high standard to our next food crawl stop. Missing the cafe Adriana crawl that day didn’t actually make me feel so bad after dining in such beautiful resto with a fantasy-homey setting away from the city buzz.

Anyeong! Going Korean at BatoBato Plate.

ANYEONG! It’s Bato-Bato Plate Restaurant at Hotel Albergo, Lualhati Street, Baguio! The resto’s name is nothing Korean but here they serve Korean-Western tasty dishes. The K-Lite fambam arrived from some 250 meters away from the second stop and delighted themselves to the swing chairs still full but ready for the next food battle.

Bato-Bato is the Filipino term of stone. In Korea, it is actually cooking through granite stone rocks but then for convenience, it’s Korean cast iron plates and bowls that arrived when the dishes were served.

First, we begin with the array of side dishes- kimchi, chayote pickle, seasoned mung bean sprout and the stand out kimbap. We must say that the kimbap amongst all displayed to taste was spot on with its sticky thick rice rolled with sweet beef, veggies in the Kim (seaweed). This established our palate for the main dish.


Kimchi, Chayote Pickle, Seasoned Mung Bean Sprout

Brick oven pizza at Firewood Pizzeria

Located at Newtown Plaza Hotel, Firewood Pizzeria has easy access to all its guests and the general public considering that it’s only 10 minutes away from the town center. But that is not the greatest feature of the restaurant, it’s definitely their brick oven cooked pizzas. The best thing about a freshly baked brick oven pizza is that the dough is deliciously chewy with a complementing smoky smell.


Firewood Signature Pizza


Rasa Pura – Authentic Singaporean Experience

Rasa Pura, an authentic Singaporean restaurant, that offers traditional Singaporean cuisine. Located at Cm Recto Corner, Leonard Wood Rd. Rasa Pura is only 10 minutes away from Baguio City’s town proper. Their dishes were served fresh and piping hot.

Hainanese Chicken
It would not be a Singaporean restaurant without Hainanese chicken on the menu. This chicken was served juicy, perfectly poached in it’s own broth and definitely big enough to serve a group of 3-4 people.

Rasa Pura Hainanese Chicken


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