The Fat Belly Project: Unlimited Steaks and Ribs

We love food, and we love having lots of it, so when we see “unlimited” on a menu or ad, we just can’t stay away. Tack “steak” or “ribs” or both onto the end, and we’re completely sold! The Fat Belly Project is all about that – juicy, indulgent meats paired with a variety of sides for those nights when one plate of food just isn’t enough.


We paid the Fat Belly Project a visit when it was just two weeks old, and it was a weekday, which means we luckily avoided the big crowd sure to come in on the weekend. So far, it’s the only place in Baguio that offers unlimited ribs and steak, cooked to your preference and served with hearty side dishes and love.

We sampled the side dishes while we waited for the main course to be cooked. Potato lovers will be thrilled to find not one but two potato-based sides: soft, fluffy mashed potatoes and bite-sized marble potatoes. They both went well with the meat, but the marble potatoes are seasoned more generously, and the way they crunch when you take a bite and the skin breaks is so satisfying.


If you can’t choose between pasta and rice, that won’t be a problem at all at the Fat Belly Project. You can pile your plate with chef’s rice – their take on the old reliable fried rice – and also pesto pasta. We loved how the pesto was fragrant and not too oily, as some pesto sauces tend to be. But be warned: You don’t want to fill up on sides and end up short on room to fully enjoy your steak and ribs.

Another favorite among the sides was the macaroni salad. It is served cold and comes with bits of pimento, giving it just a tiny kick without being overpowering – the ideal combination for a side dish.

The main event is a hefty serving of ribs and one huge steak. This is supposed to be a plate for one person, so make sure you come to the Fat Belly Project hungry. Maybe really, really hungry.

The ribs are made with a sweet marinade. They’re great combined with just about any of the sides, but take a small bite of just the ribs first. You may want to use salt and pepper to get the flavor just right for your taste buds before indulging.


We tried the steak medium rare, well done, and, per recommendation, medium well. Some chefs recommend a doneness of medium or less (medium rare or rare) for the best possible flavor and tenderness. Meat that appears almost raw might be intimidating for someone used to having beef cooked all the way through. But don’t be afraid to try new things! You can always share with a friend if you don’t want to commit to a full plate.

We found that the best flavor and most evenly cooked steak was the medium well, which was just salty and tender enough to complement the mashed potatoes perfectly.

If you’re in the mood to treat yourself, head on over to the Fat Belly Project at Romel Suites, Naguillian Road Baguio City. If you take a selfie your first trip there, be sure to upload it and tag them so you can get 5% off your bill the next time you visit.

Check out their Facebook page at:

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