Venus Garden: A Gem in the making


Summer 2018 has brought Baguio a new place to sink its teeth into; we had the grand privilege to try Venus Garden, a new foodie retreat in the outskirts of Baguio (Gulfview Horizon, Suello Village) which is a for-reservations-only restaurant with a variety of dishes  cooked to perfection every weekend (lunchtime)

Priced at P1,500 per head, the great Chef Larry Lugo will prepare a buffet of spectacular mouthwatering dishes and please! Let us not forget the desserts which is to die for!  Prepared by Chef Joy of Cake Artisan, you are going to have a gastronomic adventure.
It is fine dining set in a luxurious homey ambiance, and the Eats in Baguio team gives this place an excellent and superb rating. Its another fine gem in the making, we can’t wait to try it again.

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