Baguio Food Crawl 2019 Day 2, 5th Stop: Cafe De Angelo

Cafe De Angelo

Everyone is always in awe of how this quaint little cafe has sort of hit a legendary status. Still in a little hidden nook under beautiful Rocky hills in Chapis Village, Marcos Highway. People would go out of their way to troop to Cafe Angelo as Chef Ro Quintos never ceases to amaze people of her delectable dishes and coffee concoctions.


You will never grow hungry in Cafe de Angelo, all the servings are quite hefty, really it is for those with huge appetites. And the food? PERFECTION, you may ask why Cafe de Angelo is always featured here, the truth is, we cannot avoid the fact that they serve delicious masterpieces, too good to pass up. Nuff said.



Cafe De Angelo’s Rosemary Chicken


Cafe De Angelo’s Breakfast Burger



Cafe De Angelo’s Sardine Pasta


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